Less bureaucracy with building permits?

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Minister of Investment and Development, Jerzy Kwiecinski, at Wednesday’s press conference, said that in the coming days, a draft of amendments to the construction law will be submitted for consultation. According to the announcement, there will be less bureaucracy in building permits.

The Ministry plans to reduce the number of necessary documents needed at the stage of applying for a building permit, simpler and faster procedures, as well as to introduce the impossibility of undermining a building permit after 5 years.

As the minister noted, the preparation of documentation for a single-family house is often about 100 pages of the project in four copies submitted to the competent office. Offices receive nearly 50,000 such applications within six months, and have about 18 million pages to review. After the changes, it will be necessary to submit a project of the location of a given investment on the plot and present an architectural and construction design.

What is important, the technical design will be submitted only at the stage of applying for the occupancy permit. The number of required copies will also be reduced from four to three.

After five years from the delivery of the decision on the building permit and the occupancy permit, it will no longer be possible to challenge it.

The changes will also make it easier to legalize at least 20 years of building arbitrariness. There will also be further exemptions from the obligation to obtain a building permit. This will apply, among others, to terraces with a surface area of up to 35 m2, as well as small architectural objects in public spaces.

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