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Local governments of the Lublin voivodeship will receive a subsidy from the Government Road Development Fund (RFRD) for the renovation or construction of over 525 km of municipal and poviat roads. The amount allocated for completing this goal is over PLN 289 million – as much as 10.5 percent of the total value of the government fund. The population of  Lublin voivodeship makes up only 5.5 percent of Poland’s population overall, making the allotted sum all the more substantial. It amounts to PLN 137.4 per capita, where only the Podlaskie voivodeship is ranked higher with 174.4 PLN per capita.

Within the framework of the RFRD, in the Lubelskie Voivodship co-financing was granted to 15 county self-governments for the realization of 48 road investments, including 16 long-term tasks, covering in total 364.4 km of county roads. For the communal self-governments, on the other hand, co-financing will be given to 76 units for 118 road investments, including 24 multi-annual tasks, covering in total 161 km of communal roads. Nearly PLN 191m has been allocated to county governments, and PLN 98.7m to commune governments. 

The reserve list includes 27 investments from 13 poviat self-governments, valued at 638 million PLN, and 142 commune investments from 102 self-governments, valued at 71 million PLN. If, after the conducted tenders, it turns out that the value of investments from the basic list is lower than the amount of subsidy indicated in the applications, also those tasks from the reserve list will have a chance to be realized within the framework of the RFRD grants, informed Lublin Voivode, Lech Sprawka

Owing to post-tender savings, in 2020 almost all investments from the reserve list were realized. This year there is also a chance for that, as the governor comments. According to his information, already now the savings in the list of district investments can be in the order of tens of millions, which will enable the financing of applications from outside the basic list.

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