Acciona to withdraw Mostostal Warszawa from WSE

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Acciona Construcction plans to purchase the remaining shares of Mostostal Warszawa and withdraw it from the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). Acciona Construcction is the main shareholder of Mostostal Warszawa. Through Acciona Infraestructuras it holds 50.09% of the company’s shares. Acciona Construccion has called for the sale of 49.91% of the company’s shares and increased its shareholding to 100%.

Mostostal Warszawa to leave WSE

Wezwanie dojdzie do skutku, jeśli zostaną złożone zapisy na co najmniej 15,9% akcji spółki. Acciona oferuje 3,45 zł za akcję. Zapisy będą przyjmowane od 23 lipca do 1 sierpnia i od 2 sierpnia do 21 sierpnia w oddziałach banku Santander Bank Polska.

The Spanish company plans to withdraw Mostostal Warszawa from the stock exchange. Mostostal Warszawa has been listed on the WSE since 1993. Withdrawal of Mostostal from the stock exchange is to simplify the structure of the group.

Mostostal Warszawa is a general contractor and carries out investments in all key sectors of the construction market in Poland and abroad. In Q1 2019, Mostostal Warszawa is the general contractor and executes investments in all key sectors of the construction market in Poland and abroad. Mostostal Warszawa Capital Group achieved sales revenues of PLN 271m and PLN 2m of net profit. The value of the Capital Group’s portfolio at the end of March 2019 amounted to over PLN 2bn.

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