Central Poland – the most active zone of the warehouse market

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The Warsaw, Mazowieckie and Łódź regions dominate the domestic warehouse market. Currently, there is over 7.9 million m2 of such space and a new one is constantly being built. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, almost as many new warehouses have been commissioned since the beginning of 2020 as in the same period last year.

According to CBRE data, almost 538,000 m2 new logistic space was completed since January, and the demand reached 1.35 million m2. These are the highest results in the country. Central Poland is chosen primarily by logistics companies and retail chains.

– The center of the country is eagerly chosen by logistics and e-commerce companies that are looking for the best locations for their main warehouses. Last mile logistics is developing strongly in Warsaw and its vicinity, and the demand for it is growing. On the other hand, access to qualified staff and good business conditions attract production companies. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic in all markets, the cooperation of investors, customers and other entities operating in the industry is great, which allows us to count on the effective development of the sector in the future – says Kamila Joszczuk from the Industrial and Logistics Agency, CBRE.

No changes in the warehouse center

The coronavirus epidemic did not deprive the center of Poland of the palm tree from priority on the country’s warehouse map. Both new investments and interest in such space remain at a constant, high level. Since the beginning of the year, almost  538,000 m2 new logistic space was completed in the region, which is almost the same as at the same time last year. At that time, completions reached almost 592,000 m2 of warehouse space.

The places that are currently developing particularly strongly are, among others Janki near Warsaw and the city of Stryków located near Łódź. Developers are actively securing the land there, which means that they believe in the potential of these locations. Since the beginning of the year, lease agreements for warehouses in Central Poland have been signed for 1.35 million m2. This is the highest number in the country. However, the amount of free space is currently 724,000 m2, so tenants still have plenty to choose from.

The slowdown is not visible

The center of the country is a great location for warehouse investments, where access to good communication with the rest of the country is crucial. That is why such spaces have been growing intensively in Mazowieckie and Łódzkie for many years. Currently, the entire available space amounts to over 7.9 million m2. Over 381,000 m2 more are under construction.

 – A lot of construction is currently underway in the region and it is clearly visible that both investors and tenants focus heavily on ecological solutions. They concern both the process of building the facility, building materials and managing the surroundings and interior of the property. Developers make sure that the facilities are equipped with, among others in energy-efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems, lighting and heating systems, water consumption control – says Kamila Joszczuk from CBRE.

Source: CBRE

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