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Maciej Kiełbicki Mayland

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Krakow, Rzeszow and Warsaw – these are the cities that Mayland is betting on in the near future. Maciej Kielbicki, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board of Mayland Real Estate sums up the past year and announces new investments.

Dynamic segment

The shopping centre market in Poland reached maturity a few years ago and is practically saturated in the largest cities. If we hear about an increased developer activity, it rather concerns cities below 100 thousand inhabitants. The growing supply of mixed-use projects is clearly visible. This trend is accompanied by the expansion of traditional shopping centres – almost every fourth project is subject to it. It is still a dynamic segment. The idea is to adapt the offer to the changing consumer requirements, including increasing and making the catering and entertainment offer more attractive, ensuring compatibility with e-commerce, enriching it with a business offer and increasingly popular co-working. The market has to take into account the fact that more than half of Poles already choose electronic sales channels, in three years the percentage of those using this form of shopping has increased by 11 percentage points.

Mayland announces investments in mixed-use projects

The market situation will obviously depend on the condition of the global economy. However, in our analyses of the commercial real estate market we take into account not only these global trends, but also the evolving preferences of clients visiting our facilities. In particular, we are observing with attention the growing expectations regarding the expansion of the non-commercial offer. Traditional shopping malls give way to city agores with their retail, service and leisure character.

This trend is well reflected in the consistent evolution of Gdynia’s Riviera leading to an increase in the food and entertainment offer, as evidenced, among others, by the planned expansion of the Helios cinema with two dream rooms. The same direction is set by the planned expansion of Serenade into a multifunctional centre with multi-format catering, fashion offer, entertainment and the planned Common Square, a meeting place for the inhabitants of Krakow. Mayland has also started the project in Rzeszow. This is a pioneering concept for us, going beyond retail. It assumes the realization of a residential investment, supported by a commercial complex. We are also preparing to carry out a mixed-use project in Czerniakow, Warsaw.

The author of the commentary is Maciej Kielbicki, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board of Mayland Real Estate.

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