Metropolises – key importance for Polish GDP

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The 12 largest metropolises generate 55% of Polish GDP – according to the “Report on Polish metropolises” prepared by PwC Poland. Therefore, they constitute the main pillars of the country’s economic development. In addition, they are important centers of cultural and academic life, they are also important communication hubs with constantly improving infrastructure.

6.7 million people, i.e. 18% of the population of Poland, have 12 major urban agglomerations. At the same time, they generate 32% of Polish GDP. If we expand these cities to include agglomeration areas, we already receive 16.1 million inhabitants (42% of the Polish population) and 55% of the country’s total GDP. As PwC reports in its study, 76% of all Polish IT companies and the vast majority of companies in the area of innovation and new technologies are located in the analyzed metropolitan areas.

Warsaw is the clear leader

Obviously, Warsaw and the Warsaw agglomeration excel in almost every respect in relation to other major Polish cities, but lag behind many European competitors. It is definitely the largest and at the same time the most attractive business center in Poland. Warsaw has the highest concentration of foreign investors in Poland and the largest Polish companies. This implies the highest level of remuneration in the country.

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