More than 4,000 km of expressways and motorways in Poland

droga ekspresowa w Polsce

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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) today (7 November) commissioned the 12 km long Szczecinek ring road along the S11 expressway. It means that the barrier of 4,000 km of expressways and motorways in use in Poland has been exceeded.

Express bypass

The contract for the Szczecinek bypass was signed in November 2015 with a consortium of Eurovia and Warbud for PLN 322.8m gross. After the design stage was completed, the contractor commenced construction works in spring 2017. The route put into service today is a dual carriageway road with two lanes in each direction with two road junctions and two roundabouts at the beginning and end of the bypass of the city.

The newly created ring-road bypassing Szczecinek from the east was a very necessary investment, as two national roads and a voivodeship road passed through the town. During the summer holidays the traffic on DK No. 11 leading to the sea increased even three times.

The new route takes transit traffic out of the city and also opens up convenient access to industrial areas, contributing to the development of the entire region.

4,000 km of expressways

A day before the Szczecinek bypass was commissioned, the expressway and motorway network in Poland numbered 3,993 km, which means that from now on there are over 4,000 km of expressways in Poland. GDDKiA states that the target network is to have over 8,000 km, and the barrier of 5,000 km will be exceeded in the next 2-3 years.

Currently, 1,100 km of expressways and motorways are under construction, and another 350 km are at the tender stage.

5th place in Europe

Poland is currently ranked fifth among European countries in terms of the total length of expressways. The roads put into service in recent years have allowed us to overtake the United Kingdom in this ranking.

At the top of the list of European countries with the longest network of expressways/motorways is Spain, which is ahead of Germany and France. Italy is just behind the podium.

Source: GDDKiA

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