More time for manufacturers of construction products

klepsydra odmierzajaca czas

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The Ministry of Investment and Development (MIiR) has prepared an important change for manufacturers of building materials. By 31 December 2020, they will have time to adapt to the obligation to mark their products with a construction mark.

Manufacturers not prepared for change

Due to the information received by the MIiR about insufficient preparation of manufacturers of construction products for the obligation of marking products with the construction mark, the MIiR has decided to extend the transitional period from 1 July 2019 to 31 December 2020.

As explained by the Ministry, the amendment to the Regulation on the manner of declaring the performance of construction products and marking them with a construction mark, which proposes an extension of the transitional period, aims at securing the market against a situation in which many construction products could not be marketed. Manufacturers of construction products, which according to the regulations in force since 31 December 2016 were not subject to the obligation to mark with a construction mark, until 31 December 2020 are not obliged to prepare a national declaration when marketing or making such products available on the domestic market.

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