New investment in the Praga district of Warsaw

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Kreator Dom Invest has started selling apartments in Warsaw’s Praga district, at Bliska St. The project called Bliska Residence consists of 196 modern investment apartments.

According to the British daily The Independent, Warsaw’s Praga district is the best district among all European cities. The magazine “Travel Supermarket” rated it as the fourth most fashionable district in Europe. Its most interesting aspect is the original pre-war architecture preserved on the right bank, unlike the buildings on the left bank of Warsaw, which was almost completely destroyed after World War II and the Warsaw Uprising.

Attractive infrastructure, cultural events (concerts, exhibitions), fashionable restaurants and a great location are just some of the advantages of Praga, which next to Powiśle enjoys the greatest interest from investors. The district is constantly developing dynamically and is a place with a unique atmosphere. By investing in a location that is undergoing its renaissance, you can gain in the future
– explains Klaudia Siarkiewicz, President of Kreator Dom Invest.

Bliska Residence are modern apartments ranging from 20 to 35 sqm. They will be an offer for investors looking for an attractive rate of return for long-term rental. This solution combines the possibility of a stable residential investment with all aspects of protection through a developer agreement and at the same time a commercial purchase with a long-term lease agreement.

Prices per square meter in the apartment building start from PLN 10,975 + VAT. Investors also have the option of a total deduction of 23% VAT. The buyer can use the service of the reputable operator Vola Residence, which offers long-term rental, which gives a fixed amount of rental profit at the level of 7% return on investment. The purchased premises are the property of the buyer. The greatest benefit from the investors’ perspective is the fact that the lease amount is fixed and independent of the operator’s financial performance.

Investing in apartments is very profitable from the investors’ point of view. Here, they can sign a permanent, long-term lease agreement, which will ensure a safe profit of 7% per year. Additionally, the apartment is secured with a mortgage, so the risk is minimized to zero. It is worth noting how unique on the market is the possibility to deduct 23% of the VAT rate. Contrary to condo hotels, where the buyer participates in the possible profit sharing, with which investors have more and more problems due to the pandemic and even these completed investments may not bring their owners a profit – estimates Michał Orzechowski, President of Vola Residence.

The building was designed by the renowned architectural studio “Beczak & Beczak”. The project fits in with the unique architecture and image of the most fashionable district of Warsaw. The attractiveness of the location is influenced, among others, by investments located a few minutes from Bliska Residence, such as the 8-hectare Soho Factory, 38-hectare Praski Port, beaches on the Vistula River overlooking the Old Town, or the restored vodka factory “Koneser”. Thanks to them, Praga has a unique urban space with a unique atmosphere attracting more and more investors.

Source: Kreator Dom Invest

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