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Next tender for the construction of A2 motorway

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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) continues to announce tenders for the construction of A2 motorway between Warsaw and Siedlce. Within a few days, the tender for the construction of the Groszki-Grezow section will join the group of open tenders.

Next tender

GDDKiA, 24 września br., poinformowała o skierowaniu do publikacji ogłoszenia o zamówieniu na budowę drugiego z trzech odcinków, na które podzielony został 37 km fragment autostrady A2 pomiędzy węzłem Ryczołek (koniec obwodnicy Mińska Mazowieckiego), a Siedlcami. Wspomniany przetarg dotyczy budowy prawie 13 km drogi pomiędzy węzłem Groszki (gmina Kałuszyn) a węzłem Gręzów (gmina Grębków). Postępowanie zostało już przekazane do publikacji w Dzienniku Urzędowym Unii Europejskiej, co oznacza, że zostanie wszczęte w ciągu najbliższych kilku dni.

GDDDKiA, on 24 September, announced that it had sent for publication a contract notice for the construction of the second of the three sections into which a fragment of the A2 motorway between the Ryczolek junction (the end of the ring road of Minsk Mazowiecki) and Siedlce was divided by 37 km. The tender mentioned above concerns the construction of almost 13 km of road between Groszki junction (Kałuszyn commune) and Grezow junction (Grębków commune). The procedure has already been transmitted for publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, which means that it will be launched within the next few days.

The type of surface can be selected

In order to be competitive on the market, GDDKiA decided to give potential contractors the possibility to choose the type of surface to be used during construction. The winner of the proceedings will be able to use the technology he specializes in and it will be up to him whether the surface of this section of A2 motorway will be concrete or bituminous. These are new provisions in the tender documentation of the Directorate.

The tender will be conducted in an open tender procedure with the deadline for submission of offers set for 3 December this year. GDDDKiA plans assume that if there are no appeals, the agreement with the contractor will be signed in May next year.

construction progresses

East of Warsaw, on the A2 motorway, works are currently underway on the Lubelska-Konik section (5.6 km) and Konik – the beginning of the Minsk Mazowiecki bypass (9.2 km). The general contractor for both sections, which are to be completed in Q2 2020, is Polaqua. The Siedlce – state border section (95.5 km) is at the preparation stage, with the total cost estimated at approximately PLN 4.5bn and the completion date of the construction at 2024.

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