OKAM completes historic transaction on polish real estate market 

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The developer OKAM has acquired 62ha of post-industrial land in the Warsaw district of Zeran. The transaction is one of the largest of this kind on the real estate market in Warsaw, but also in Poland. The sum is, however, not disclosed.

The previous owner of the plot is FSO – a Polish automobile parts manufacturer, and formerly an automobile producer of historic significance. By purchasing this land, OKAM has made one of the largest acquisitions of its kind on the market in just one transaction. The company is now presented with quite a challenge –  the scale of the investment will be huge and the preparation itself will take several years, while the multi-stage implementation will take more than ten years. The company wants to preserve the character of this historically important place and therefore the investment will be carried out with respect for the past and will be preceded by consultations with interested parties. Today the site already has direct access to the S8 route, full public transportation (streetcars, buses, railroad) and bicycle paths. A metro station is also planned to be built in the near future.

For the time being, the plans for the nearest future are aimed at making this place more attractive for current and future tenants and providing them with a possibility to continue their business. It is worth noting, that the company has extensive experience in the revitalisation of former factory sites:

  • The BohemaStrefa Praga investment in Praga-Polnoc, Warsaw, which is being carried out on the premises of the former Pollena-Uroda factory;
  • The LODZ.WORK investment (the site of the former Teodor Meyerhoff factory in Lodz) as well as Strefa Piotrkowska 217;
  • The company is also planning to develop a project on the site of the former Danone factory.


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