Orlen plans to place PV installations on the roofs of 30 petrol stations

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Orlen plans to install PV micro-installations on the roofs of 30 petrol stations in three regions of the country: Western Poland (4 stations), Southern Poland (10 stations), and Central Poland (16 stations). As part of the tender announced by the company, bids will be open from September 27. The tenderer will be able to submit an offer for the execution of orders for all stations, in both individual, as well as in all three regions. The use of photovoltaics will aid the project that will enable Orlen to reach emission neutrality by 2050.

According to the documentation of the procedure published by PKN Orlen, the construction of PV micro-installations is to be carried out entirely in the EPC formula. The company also emphasized that after a positive formal and technical assessment and after they made their own arrangements for the implementation of the contract, the actual scope of works, as well as after the necessary expert opinions, it will be necessary to conduct an on-site inspection by selected bidders. The installations should be designed for the optimal use of the available space in order to obtain the highest PV micro-installation power harvesting.The documentation published by PKN Orlen shows that micro-installations with a capacity of 22 to 50 kW are placed on stations located, among others, on the A1 and A2 motorways, in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Katowice, Opole, Warsaw and in the area of ​​Kołbaskowo.

Orlen aspires to reach emission neutrality

It is not the first such project in Orlen’s portfolio. In 2016, a pilot project was launched to install photovoltaic modules with a total capacity of approx. 180 kWp in various parts of Poland. The main goal of the project was to determine the effectiveness of solar-to-electricity conversion technology using photovoltaic panels in various geographic locations with varying insolation.In 2020, Orlen Projekt, a subsidiary of PKN Orlen, installed a photovoltaic micro-installation with a capacity of nearly 50 kWpm, in a building in Płock, adjacent to its headquarters. It was the largest installation of this type in the Orlen Group – it was to enable Orlen Projekt to reduce energy consumption fees to 25% per year, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

This year, Orlen announced that two similar micro-installations with a total capacity of 100 kWp will be installed on the buildings of Orlen Aviation, its other subsidiary, based in Warsaw. Similar to the first installation, this one was also aimed at reducing electricity bills and reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

The recent activities of the Orlen Group are in line with the Orlen2030 strategy, which is based on the desire to use zero or low-emission energy sources. Orlen declares that it will achieve emission neutrality by 2050, and 20% reduction of CO2 from the current refining and petrochemical assets, and a 33%  reduction of CO2/MWh emissions from electricity production by 2030. The concern intends to allocate PLN 25 billion for the achievement of this goal. This amount will be dedicated to projects that will enable the reduction of environmental impact and pave the way for the emergence of new business models.

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