Panattoni buys land outside Warsaw

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Panattoni, the leading industrial developer in Europe, is to expand its warehousing assets near Warsaw. Already the developer has 176,000 m2 of industrial space at its disposal in the village of Janki and it has just announced the creation of more. The company has purchased a further 3.14 ha next to the S8 – one of the most important expressway roads in Poland (Wrocław – Białystok). Such a location makes it easy to provide Warsaw itself with logistics services as well as the rest of the country and Europe.

Panattoni has purchased 3.14 ha of land in Janki near the Puchały interchange of the S8 (known as The Route of the Heroes of the Battle of Warsaw 1920), which joins Białystok with Wrocław and will eventually run to Kłodzko and the Polish border with the Czech Republic via Warsaw and Łódź. Already the developer has 176,000 sqm of modern space at its disposal in Janki and extending its warehousing in this location will be ideal for distribution services to Warsaw as well as to Central Poland and the rest of Europe. The location is just a quick drive from the S2, which not only forms the Southern Warsaw Bypass but is also part of the A2 motorway which runs from the German border towards Belarus. Additionally, the Warsaw – Ostrów Mazowiecka section of the S8 makes up part of the Polish section of the ‘Via Baltica’, which is intended to join the Baltic States with the rest of Europe. Only a few kilometres to the south of the Puchały interchange, the S8 has a junction with the S7, which runs towards Kraków and the Slovakian border.

The Warsaw region is the fastest-growing warehouse market in Poland. It includes almost one-fourth of the total 20 million m2 of warehouse space in Poland. This is due to its huge and continuously growing sales market with access to 2.6 million consumers as well as because of its central location and well-developed transport infrastructure that joins the capital city to the rest of Europe. “This is the reason why warehouse buildings in Warsaw and its surrounding area continually attract more tenants. Those locations close to the city are the most popular, which is because of the lack of available land and its high in Warsaw itself. Such locations also benefit from being close to the main arterial routes and strategically placed junctions, which make both domestic logistics and access to the capital city much easier. It’s no surprise that of the 1.1 million m2 of new space handed over by developers in the first half of this year, as much as 325,00 m2 was in the Warsaw region,” explains Michał Samborski, Head of Development, Panattoni.

With the purchase of the land a fourth Panattoni warehouse complex in Janki can be planned next to a number of BTS buildings that were also developed by Panattoni just next to the S8. In total, Panattoni has 770,000 m2 in the Warsaw area as well as 55,000 m2 under construction.

Source: Panattoni

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