Pekao SA: Strong demand for loans in the third quarter

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Demand for both mortgage and cash loans continues to remain high, with increased interest also recorded in the small and medium-sized business segment. The ability to use remote banking channels also has remained popular, and this trend may continue among customers even when the pandemic is over.

Interest in mortgage loans is definitely higher than before the pandemic, and one of the reasons for this increase is the low-interest rates. The availability of these loans and customer optimism also play an important role. The improvement in sales also applies to consumer loans. In this case, sales have reached pre-pandemic Covid-19 levels. Furthermore, credit recovery can be seen in the segment of small and medium-sized companies. Pekao SA vice-president, Wojciech Werochowski, explains that although there was a seasonal flattening of sales over the holiday period, demand for mortgage and cash loans is still very strong. September has therefore started quite well for the banking sector.

Do customers choose remote banking channels?

According to Wojciech Werochowski, during the pandemic, there was a change related to the channels of using banking. Many customers have so far chosen traditional channels, but now there is a growing interest in remote channels. As the vice-president of Pekao SA adds, digital banking may enjoy popularity for a long time to come, and its convenience is praised by both customers and bank employees. More and more customers are choosing to purchase cash loans online or via an app, and the PeoPay app itself is being used by an increasing number of customers.

According to Pekao, as many as 2.2 million users were utilising mobile banking in June 2021, a sharp increase compared to 1.8 million in the same period last year. In addition, as much as 55% of consumer lending comes from online sales.

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