PERN begins construction of a pipeline under the Vistula River

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In Płock, work has started on the construction of a section of the fuel pipeline that will run deep under the bottom of the Vistula River. The installation will be made with the use of modern trenchless HDD technology, consisting in the execution of horizontal directional drilling. This solution does not interfere with the natural environment and does not affect the banks of rivers or levees.

The method used in the construction of the new line has been recognized in the world for almost 60 years and works best in the construction of transmission networks, which are often associated with the existence of many obstacles on the planned route. This type of drilling is used to cross larger rivers, canals, levees or protected areas. It is one of the most effective methods of trenchless pipe installation technology in almost all ground conditions.
The planned section of the pipeline will replace the so-called a reserve pipeline that was shut down due to damage in 2018.

Security works

One of the elements of the works related to the construction of the new section is the “mortification” of the reserve line excluded from operation. For the purposes of carrying out the above works, it is necessary to set up special barriers and the assistance of the Company’s fire brigade, which is a standard procedure for securing this type of work.
Source: PERN

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