PERN is building a large gas tank

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At the PERN Fuel Depot in Małaszewicze, the complicated process of installing the roof on a new tank with a capacity of 32,000 m3 has just finished. The roof has a diameter of 43 meters and weighs 240 tons. The entire process, including preparations, lasted 7 days. This is an important milestone in this project. The tank is scheduled to be put into operation in the first quarter of next year.

Tomasz Salwa, project manager: “Carrying out the operation required a lot of preparation and involvement of high-class specialists, as well as equipment. The set of elements necessary to arrange the roof was transported by 40 trucks and 3 sets of specialist cars.
Installation of a roof of this diameter is a very big challenge for engineers, and the key condition for carrying out this operation is stable weather conditions, the wind force must not exceed 8 m / s.”

The general contractor of the reservoir is a consortium composed of: Naftoremont – Naftobudowa Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Płock (Leader) and Przedsiębiorstwo “AGAT” S.A. based in Koluszki (Partner).

PERN Megainvestment Program

Megainvestment Program is a strategic project implemented by PERN, which meets the needs of the oil and fuel market and at the same time increases Poland’s energy security. It concerns the construction of storage tanks for crude oil and fuels, as well as the construction of the Boronów-Trzebinia fuel pipeline and the Gdańsk-Płock oil pipeline.

Source: PERN

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