PMR Report: Market for Factory Produced Building Chemicals with Historical Maximum

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The high level of the PMR Construction Climate Index for the construction chemicals industry and very good statistics for the construction industry reflect the record results of the entire construction chemicals market. It is worth noting that the current maximum is over 10% higher than that recorded before the crash in 2008.

According to a survey among several hundred repair and construction companies, as well as the analysis of data conducted for the report “Construction chemicals market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024”, the previous year, 2018, brought a decrease in the market growth dynamics. It is directly related to the situation on the non-residential and single-family construction market, namely the decrease in the area of buildings.

This decrease results mainly from a decrease in the area of industrial and warehouse buildings delivered for use. In terms of space, they account for over 40% of the entire non-residential segment. The decrease in space delivered, despite strong increases in construction output, may be explained by the growing share of modern warehouse space, i.e. warehouses more expensive to build (e.g. with automation solutions) and the base effect (strong growth in 2017). However, we expect that in 2019 this area will grow again. Hence the acceleration in 2019 in most segments of construction chemicals.

It is also worth mentioning the “Clean air” type programmes or other programmes supporting thermomodernization in residential and non-residential buildings, which should support the segment of insulation systems in the coming years. The investments currently under way have a positive impact on the forecasts for the coming years, and the whole market will grow by almost 4% according to the forecasts.

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