Polish Railways with €880m EU support


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The European Commission has approved two major projects to modernise the Polish rail network and improve its transport efficiency and safety, it told PAP. EU support will reach €880m.

Modernization of lines and purchase of platforms

Nearly €838m will be spent on the modernization of 214.5 km of the railway line section no. 131 between Chorzow Batory station and Zdunska Wola Karsznice station. The investment involves replacing the track surface and strengthening its subgrade, as well as modernizing or building new bridges and viaducts. After completion of the planned works, freight trains will travel on this section faster by 37 minutes, and interregional passenger trains by nearly half an hour. Line 131 runs from Chorzow to Tczew and is part of the Trans-European Transport Network.

An additional €43m in EU funding will be used to finance the purchase of 930 rail platforms adapted to container transport. They will operate 91 connections between land and sea container terminals.

Implementation of approved projects should start in January 2023.

Poland as the biggest beneficiary

Poland is the largest beneficiary of funds from the cohesion policy. Since joining the European Union in 2004, these funds have allowed the construction or modernisation of 12 200 km of roads, access to broadband Internet for 9.1 million people and the creation of 151 000 jobs.

In the next long-term EU budget, Poland will remain among the largest beneficiaries of the Cohesion Fund, as the European Commission has proposed to provide us with more than €72bn. The funds will be earmarked for the transformation of our economy into a greener, more competitive and more innovative economy.

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