Pozbud T&R separates production to a separate company

Prace produkcyjne

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Pozbud T&R will separate the window and door production carried out by the production plant in Slonawy into a company established for this purpose, which will be 100% dependent on Pozbud T&R.

Implementation of the reorganisation strategy

Separation of the window and door production of the Slonawy plant into a separate company is part of the reorganization strategy of the Pozbud T&R capital group. The process will be carried out by transferring an organized part of the enterprise, which includes production activity around the production plant in Slonawy, to a newly established special purpose company. The plan is to be finalised by 31 December 2019.

Investment in Poznan

The second decision of the company’s management board, resulting from the assumptions of the adopted reorganization strategy, is the establishment of a capital company 100% dependent on Pozbud T&R for the implementation of stage II of the development investment Strzeszyn Zacisze. A property will be contributed to the company, on which the investment located in Poznan will be carried out, along with the assets and liabilities belonging to the investment.

Increase in profit in Q1 2019

In the first quarter of the year. Pozbud T&R recorded PLN 38.3m of consolidated revenues from sales, compared to PLN 36m in the same period last year. Consolidated net profit in January-March amounted to almost PLN 5m, compared to PLN 1.6m in the previous year.

Pozbud T&R specializes in the production of windows and doors. It also provides comprehensive construction services.

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