Premetro to be built in Cracow

tramwaj w krakowie

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A 20 km long premetro line will be built in Cracow, serving the northern part of the city in the east-west direction. This type of communication was chosen as the recommended option on the basis of “Feasibility study for the construction of fast, collision-free rail transport in Cracow” among metro, pre-metro “pendulum”, pre-metro fast tram variants. The study was commissioned by the Municipality of Cracow by ILF Consulting Engineers Polska.

Premetro is a tramway or light railway which includes segments built to rapid transit standards, generally as part of a process of conversion to a metro-standards railway usually by the construction of tunnels in the central city area. In Cracow’s case, about seven variants of the route were analyzed with four additional sub-variants for each of them, so in total more than 300 combinations of calculations have been performed. The premetro tram line, which is the most optimal solution for the city from the financial, social and functional point of view, will be 21.82 km, of which 6.6 km will be in the tunnel and 1.4 km on the flyover. The tunnel section was designed mainly in the central section, where the greatest difficulties occur on the tram network and in the area, while the remaining part will run above ground, which will allow the use of some of the existing tram tracks, mainly in the Nowa Huta area. The number of stations is 32, and the average distance between them will be 670 meters. During rush hours, up to 14,000 passengers are expected to use the line. The estimated travel time between AGH and the Polsad Roundabout will be reduced to about 9 minutes.


The city will soon announce a tender for the preparation of documents for the environmental decision along with obtaining it for the first stage of the premetro, which will be a flyover and tunnel section, from the DH Wanda station to the Municipal Stadium station, 10.5 km long, of which 5.6 is a tunnel near Srodmiescie and 1.4 – overpass.

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