Prices of building materials continue to rise in May

materiały budowlane alejka

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Building material prices in May 2021, compared to May 2020, increased by 6.5% on average, according to data from PSB Handel Group. This is the third consecutive month with dynamics exceeding 4%. Since the beginning of this year, the growth rate of building material prices has clearly accelerated.

In May 2021, y/y increases were recorded in 19 commodity groups:

OSB (+36.2%),
installations, heating (+10.0%),
roofs, gutters (+9.7%),
thermal insulation (+8.7%),
dry construction (+8.0%),
garden and hobbies (+7.3%),
lighting and electrics (+7.3%),
automotive (+7.1%),
tiles, bathrooms, kitchens (+5.8%),
tools (+5.8%),
waterproofing (+5.5%),
furnishings, household appliances (+5.3%),
woodwork (+4.8%),
construction chemicals (+4.6%),
cement, lime (+4.4%),
paints, varnishes (+4.2%),
decorations (+4.1%),
house surroundings (+3.8%),
finishing works (+3.6%).

Prices fell only in the group of walls, chimneys (-4.5%).

In the period I-V 2021, prices of construction materials, compared to the same period of 2020, increased by 5.0% on average. Increases were recorded in 19 commodity groups:

OSB (+24.0%),
drywall (+12.9%),
thermal insulation (+12.5%),
lighting, electrical (+6.9%),
installations, heating (+6.5%),
roofs and gutters (+5.9%),
garden and hobbies (+5.5%),
cement, lime (+5.3%),
tools (+4.1%),
equipment, household appliances (+3.5%),
woodwork (+3.4%),
automotive (+3.1%),
furnishings (+2.9%),
tiles, bathrooms, kitchens (+2.8%)
construction chemicals (+2.7%),
paints, varnishes (+2.4%),
waterproofing (+1.9%)
decorations (+1.6%)
home surroundings (+0.6%).

Prices fell only in the group of walls, chimneys (-5.7%).

Source: PSB Handel Group

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