Pultusk ring road tender – a rather even fight

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Five bids were submitted to the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in a tender for the design and construction of the approximately 20-kilometer Pułtusk bypass, four of which are similar in terms of value.

The tender

The government program for the construction of 100 bypasses for the years 2020-2030 includes the investment of building the Pultusk bypass. The contract is expected to be signed in June this year. The bypass is scheduled to be put into service in 2025.

The bids submitted in the tender in gross prices are:

  • Consortium Mirbud and Kobylarnia (PLN 447m);
  • Polaqua (PLN 448.9m);
  • Budimex (PLN 449.2m);
  • Porr (PLN 551.9m);
  • Strabag (PLN 442.2m).

The Strabag’s offer is the lowest in the tender, in relation to the investor’s budget of PLN 773.1m gross. The offers are evaluated according to a number of criteria, such as price – 60%, warranty period – 30%, and completion date – 10%. The contractors declared the same parameters of the last two criteria.

The Pultusk bypass

The contractor will be tasked with preparing a construction design, obtaining the necessary decisions, and then building a nearly 20 km long road. The route will consist of approximately 16.8 km of a new fragment of the DK61 road, which will bypass Pultusk on the west side, and approximately 3 km of the National Road 57, which will follow a new trail, bypassing Kleszewo and Przemiarowo.

The bypass will be built to output transit traffic along the National Roads number 57 and 61. There are also plans to extend the entire route of the National Road number 61, which begins in Warsaw, until the junction with the National Road number 57. According to The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA), the investment will improve the safety of residents, the communication system will be relieved and the capacity in Pultusk will be increased.

The conditions and safety of long-distance and regional traffic will also be improved, due to the popularity of National Road number 57 and 61 in accessing Warmia and Mazury by the residents of Warsaw and Mazovia. Traffic from neighboring towns, such as Kacice, Kleszewo, or Przemiarowo will be outputted.

The 100 bypasses program

In the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, nine bypasses were included in the government’s Program for the construction of 100 bypasses in the years 2020-2030. One of them will be the Pultusk bypass. The activities that will result in the construction of new routes have been undertaken on all bypass roads. So far, a contract has been signed for the project and construction of the Lipsko bypass.

The project works are currently underway for the next six bypasses: Lacko, Ostroleka, Siedlce, Skaryszew, Sokolow Podlaski and Zwolen. The works are related to the preparation of route documentation. At the beginning of the month, the contractors applied to design the Ciechanow bypass.

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