Real estate after a pandemic – what changes in our approach to building houses?

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The coronavirus has verified the previous approach to real estate purchase. We want to turn compact flats into investments with more space and access to green areas. In the construction industry, there is growing talk of a return to multi-generational construction. Rafał Buczek, expert from Awilux, talks about a new trend in real estate.

Multi-generational construction is most popular in southern Europe. In Poland it works well in rural areas and in smaller towns. Many Poles definitely choose the western trend – the early departure of adult children and life on their own. The quarantine and isolation that hit millions of people has shown that being constantly in small flats, which do not always guarantee us access to light and do not allow us to create different living areas for all the people in the house, is not a good solution for everyone.

Generation +

– Two types of developments have been popular among developers in recent years. On the one hand, they were huge multi-family buildings, and on the other hand, terraced houses estates. Current insulating moods show that people need space that meets all their needs.  When we are closed and away from our nearest and dearest, we feel overwhelmed – says Rafał Buczek from Awilux, a window and door manufacturer, and adds: – A house is not only reinforced concrete walls that limit our sense of freedom. On the contrary, it is supposed to give us a sense of security and comfort of being inside. There are many residential buildings in Poland where residents do not have enough light, which is particularly important during insulation and in many cases even access to a balcony that would give a substitute for integration with nature. This is why many people decided to circumvent the movement bans during quarantine.

The development of civilization also has its consequences, which we will have to pay back many more times. The current situation caused by the need for isolation related to the coronavirus pandemic shows that such events may be repeated in the future. The fear of fighting another virus again is changing our approach to building multi-generational houses. Contemporary architectural possibilities allow to create projects in which everyone can find a place for themselves. What’s more, living at home with your parents and grandparents doesn’t have to mean that you’re doomed to constant contact. The technological possibilities allow to create houses where everyone will be guaranteed an appropriate level of intimacy and, if necessary, can spend time with the rest of the family in common parts of the house or in the garden.

– The pandemic also showed us a few directions in which the professional world can go. Many employees have moved their workplaces from large offices to flats or houses and will perhaps stay there even after the pandemic is over. Until now, many of us have been buying real estate or plots of land in locations where we work, clinging to the problem of everyday transport. In a world where we can work in home office mode, it is very likely that we will decide to move away from the city centre, even in neighboring towns. It also means that we will be more willing to turn to detached houses where we decide to keep our children, and later also their children, predicts the Awilux expert.

Multi-generational house project

A house that is to meet the requirements of both the youngest and the oldest residents while creating functional zones is not a temporary idea, but a guarantee of successful living in two or three generations. The design of such a house must take into account the needs of all residents, so zones must be designated for everyone.

– While leaning over the design of the house, we must remember that we are not building it just for ourselves. So it must guarantee every householder space to rest, work or play. Window joinery is helpful in distinguishing life zones, e.g. day and night part. Thus, the windows must be adapted to the function of each room. We don’t need as much light in the bedroom as we need in the workplace. Large glazings – HS systems, facade or panoramic windows – will do well in the daytime zone. They give, among other things, a sense of increased perspective, thanks to which, while staying in the room, we have the impression that nothing limits us and does not separate us from the surrounding greenery or other view. When planning a house where grandparents and children will live, it is worth remembering to equip it with solutions that guarantee safety and comfort of use. Here, the thresholdless systems that will not limit the activity of the oldest and the youngest will be helpful, as well as solutions with special protection against unwanted opening of windows by children, which can be found in the Awilux offer – suggests Rafał Buczek from Awilux.

The comfort of living in a multi-generational family can also be influenced by modern home control solutions, which are available in the Awilux offer. Access to the interconnected devices via an application on the phone will facilitate many everyday activities, as well as affect the safety of the house – connected burglary and alarm systems.

Awilux offers a variety of versatile solutions that will help to create a home made to measure for several generations. The manufacturer of joinery and accessories dedicated to it enables the design of modern, safe, comfortable and properly illuminated spaces, which will prove to be successful in the world after the pandemic.

Additional information about Awilux:

Awilux Polska offers state-of-the-art window and door solutions for homes and public buildings. The company has been on the market since 2006, basing its production on German SCHÜCO technology. This means reliability, rigorous adherence to the highest technical standards and accuracy. It attaches great importance to timely and efficient execution of orders, which is ensured by modern and automated production lines and a highly qualified team of employees. The aim of Awilux Polska is to promote solutions to increase safety and energy efficiency and to use systems that also take into account special needs of e.g. children, elderly and disabled people. Awilux Poland operates successfully in Poland and Germany. The company is building a network of showrooms on the Polish market. All partners take part in a regular process of training on SCHÜCO systems and modern assembly techniques. Thanks to this, Awilux aims to remain an important and reliable partner in the implementation of plans and investments for many years to come.

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