The government has adopted a nuclear energy strategy

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The Government adopted the update of the government’s long-term program “Polish Nuclear Energy Program”, prepared by the Minister of Climate. Currently, this document is awaiting publication in the Official Journal of the Polish Monitor.

The aim of the “Polish Nuclear Power Program” is to build and commission nuclear power plants in Poland with a total installed capacity of approx. 6 to approx. 9 GWe, based on proven, pressure-based, pressure-based generation III (+) nuclear reactors.
The adoption by the Council of Ministers of the resolution submitted by the Ministry of Climate updating the” Polish Nuclear Energy Program “is a milestone on our country’s path to having a stable, zero-emission energy source. Thanks to nuclear power, we will be able to ensure Poland’s energy security”emphasizes Michał Kurtyka, Minister of Climate and Environment.
The implementation of nuclear energy in Poland is based on three pillars. These are: energy security, climate and environment, and economy.
In short, the strategy provides for the use of one technology, which will allow, among others, to achieve the economies of scale, one strategic co-investor related to the technology supplier and the retention of State Treasury control over the implementation of the “Polish Nuclear Power Program”. The program, as a government project implemented by a state-owned company, provides for the use of large and proven pressurized water-type reactors, with a unit capacity exceeding 1,000 MWe, incl. due to extensive operating experience and excellent safety characteristics. The selected locations for nuclear power plants are the same as those specified in the “Polish Nuclear Power Program” of 2014. While updating the program, the necessary costs to be incurred for its implementation were re-estimated.


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