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EQ2 Waryński

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Space designed with user safety and comfort in mind, eco and smart buildings, lower maintenance costs are the future of the office market.

The past year has shown that traditional offices are irreplaceable for relations between people. They create an organisational culture, build a community, which is of great importance for effective cooperation. Not only in the real estate sector, issues related to the extensive use of environmentally friendly solutions have also come to the fore. In the covid reality, the safety of office facility users and system flexibility have also become a priority.

Is there a more effective confirmation of the level of safety and quality of the space offered and the environmental impact of an office building than a certificate? The certificates which the best office buildings on the market boast are a guarantee that their construction was carried out according to exacting standards, with respect for the natural ecosystem. They also confirm that the buildings are in the group of the most ecological and technologically advanced projects, and therefore energy efficient.

Tangible benefits for tenants

The solutions applied in the buildings allow for a reduction in water and energy consumption, and thus lower property operation and maintenance costs. Ecological technologies therefore reduce the costs connected with renting.

Certification also ensures that the building is best prepared in terms of sanitisation procedures, reducing the possibility of breakdowns and enabling air and water quality management. And these are factors that are crucial for tenants in view of the upcoming return to offices.

There are many more reasons for the popularity of building attestation. Certificates increase the prestige and attractiveness of projects for users, but they also increase the value of real estate. The environmental aspect is very important in the valuation of buildings, and the progressing climate change, already felt by the inhabitants of most regions of the world, will only increase the importance of this factor in the future.

Easier financing

The advantages of certification in terms of lending should also be mentioned. Banks, whose activities are now also part of the green financing trend, view such projects much more favourably. They are more willing to finance “green” properties with minimal energy consumption, neutral for the environment and with limited environmental impact.

– It’s hard to resist the impression that all roads on the office investment market now lead to building certification. The application of energy-efficient and ecological solutions in office projects has become a social and economic requirement. User- and environment-friendly buildings attract tenants who are now primarily interested in workplace safety – says Bogdan Borkowski, CEO of Waryński S.A. Holding Group. – Both EQlibrium and EQ2, which we are completing in Warsaw’s Wola district, were built in compliance with BREEAM certification requirements. We will also construct our third office building in Wola in accordance with BREEAM guidelines. – Moreover, in this project, we want to use technology enabling us to apply renewable energy sources,” he adds.

Bogdan Borkowski admits that the air quality offered by the building is currently of key importance to its tenants. – The EQ2 office building is equipped with air handling units which allow for the selection of appropriate air filters. In order to increase safety, individual office areas have been equipped with separate ventilation systems. Additionally, the building’s ventilation network is secured by a master BMS system which monitors, among others, air parameters – informs Bogdan Borkowski.

Source: Waryński

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