Sales of decorative paints increased in H1 2020

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The decorative paints industry closed the first half of the year in a positive way. Q1 remained unchanged, counting y/y. On the other hand, the value of sales of decorative paints in Q2 2020 increased by as much as 14% y/y. This is a record result in the five-year history of the research conducted by PZPFiK (Polish Association of Paints and Adhesives Producers). Industry representatives indicate that the reason for this is the change in consumer behavior in Q2 2020.

Results calculated for Q2 2020 turned out to be very beneficial for the Polish decorative paint industry. In a study conducted by PZPFiK for over five years, such a large increase has never been recorded. 14% calculated y/y is a significant increase, the reasons for which manufacturers see primarily the increased demand of Poles for DIY (do-it-yourself) paints. The data we aggregate show that the dyeing industry coped well with COVID-19 – says Bartłomiej Ślązak – Managing Director of PZPFIK. We suppose that staying at home prompted Poles to use this time to carry out renovations or refresh flats – he adds.

The results of the category of wood care and protection products also indicate a change in consumer behavior in the COVID-19 era. Counting from the beginning of the year, this product category grew by 19%. This is a big change that defies the standard seasonal trends – emphasizes Bartłomiej Ślązak. It is most likely the result of Poles staying on various types of plots or in summer houses – he points out.

The situation is different with industrial paints. From the information obtained directly from the producers, we know that sales of this category of paints were falling. This would also be confirmed by the CHEM Research study in Europe, which says that there will be a decrease of approximately 18% of industrial paints. We will have precise data on Poland when we launch a research panel, incl. for powder paints, which we are currently working on – sums up Bartłomiej Ślązak.

Source: Polish Association of Paints and Adhesives Producers

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