Skanska: construction works started within 3rd stage of Park Skandynawia

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Skanska has started construction works within the third stage of the Park Skandynawia project. These will be two more buildings in the area of Optykow, Precyzyjna and Ronda Soczewka Streets (the area of the former Industrial Optics Center in Goclaw in Warsaw).

The new stage of the Skanska estate consists of two buildings with 206 apartments of various areas, from 28 to 110 m2. The whole has been designed to ensure maximum access to natural light, including thanks to the above-standard sizes of windows. The developer consistently implements the philosophy of functional, aesthetic and timeless architecture, inscribed in the local infrastructure, while focusing on sustainable construction. The next two buildings in this estate will also be like this, which will be built in accordance with the requirements of BREEAM certification, and their construction will be fully powered by energy from renewable sources.
Each apartment will have large glazing – the window joinery inside the apartments will be finished in white, while on the outside the windows will be finished with wood-like veneer. Of course, an important element of the investment will be carefully designed greenery in the common areas – including planting specially selected species of shrubs and trees and introducing elements of small architecture to the estate – says Tomasz Soczawa, senior project manager at Skanska housing company.
The entire estate is consistently implemented in accordance with the guidelines of the BREEAM environmental certification. In addition, the construction of the estate is powered by energy coming entirely from renewable sources. It is worth mentioning that the previous stages of Park Skandynawia have already received certificates at the “Good” level – the completed stage 1 can boast a green BREEAM badge at the executive level, and the stage 2 – BREEAM at the design level, which is coming to an end, the certificate is a guarantee for residents that that the construction of the housing estates was carried out according to high standards – the developer and the general contractor created the housing estate respecting the natural ecosystem, using only non-toxic materials, and the design took into account the appropriate arrangement of buildings and layout of the estate so that it would be energy-efficient in everyday use.
The sale of the third stage of the Park Skandynawia estate started in September 2020, construction in December. The project was created in the nsMoonStudio architectural studio. The quality of the investment is supervised by the Skanska group – developer and general contractor.
Source: Skanska

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