Summary of 3 years of the Housing+ programme

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PFR Nieruchomosci summed up 3 years of the government’s Housing+ (Mieszkanie+) programme. During this time 867 flats have been built, and another 1,907 are under construction. PLN 6bn will be spent on the flats for which the company has already secured financing.

A year under preparation

2019 was marked by the company’s preparation for the investment, i.e. acquiring financing for the construction of 50 thousand premises, design works and obtaining administrative decisions. According to Miroslaw Barszcz, the former President of the Management Board of PFR Nieruchomosci, this required a huge effort, which is not taken into account by critical evaluations of the functioning of the programme, taking into account only the number of apartments completed.
The effort put into the preparation of the investment brought the first effects in the form of commenced construction works, the dump of which started in August 2019:

– on August 26, the first shovel for the construction of 201 flats in Debica was hammered in,
– on September 30, construction of 138 flats in Minsk Mazowiecki started,
– on October 2, 108 flats were inaugurated in Swidnik,
– on November 22, the foundation act for the construction of 481 flats in Krakow was laid in cooperation with Bartla Development,
– on December 9, a shovel was driven into the construction of 96 apartments in Zamosc,
– on December 16, the construction of 124 apartments in Radom was inaugurated,
– on December 23, the construction of 96 apartments in Lowicz started.

Last year, the Fund also signed contracts to develop design documentation for residential buildings in Olawa (144 flats), Sianow (168) and Naklo nad Notcia (190). It is also currently the largest contractor for architects in Poland. The Company has also started to organise international urban planning and architectural competitions, 7 of which were held for a project of approx. The Company has already decided on 6.3 thousand apartments in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw.

In 2020, the company plans to start construction of its flats in the next 20 or so locations.

Attractive offer for local governments

The market part of the government program is an interesting offer for local governments that want to build premises for their residents but cannot afford it. This is evidenced by hundreds of locations analyzed by the company, noted Miroslaw Barszcz. PFR Nieruchomosci cooperates with over 170 communes as part of the government programme. These are mainly small towns, but the largest number of flats is being built in large agglomerations, e.g. in Warsaw, for example, the approved financing is provided for projects to build about 6 thousand flats, and in Wroclaw there are 2.6 thousand flats at the design stage.

The projects prepared so far by PFR Nieruchomosci, the financing of which has already been approved by PFR TFI, will absorb all the currently available financing for the programme.

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