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Sunex S.A., a leading producer and distributor of innovative solutions based on renewable energy sources in the first quarter of this year reached about 23 million PLN of revenue. This means an increase of 15.2% compared to the same period last year.

Sunex consistently maintains an upward trend in sales.  In the first three months of this year, the leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative solutions based on renewable energy sources achieved approximately PLN 23 million in revenues, which means an improvement of 15.2% year-on-year.

– We assess the turnover achieved in the first quarter of this year positively. It is worth emphasising that the double-digit percentage increase in sales was achieved despite the prevailing restrictions related to the pandemic situation and difficult weather conditions persisting in that period. We had the hardest winter for several years, which had a direct impact on demand in our industry. During the assembly of the majority of devices in the RES branch, it is necessary to interfere with the working heating installation of buildings, and this is difficult during winter – emphasised Romuald Kalyciok, President of Sunex S.A.

Sunex offers intelligent systems used in heating and solar technology. They are based on heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, solar collectors, air conditioning and hybrid complex packages with dedicated control systems. At the same time, products supporting the storage of energy from RES-based systems are being developed together with a full range of accompanying products such as connection, assembly and control systems. These are necessary to create complete and customised solutions. Sunex sells over 60% of its production abroad, mainly in Western Europe.

Sunex S.A. is a leading producer of innovative solutions based on renewable energy sources. The Company was founded in 2002 in Racibórz. It offers, among others: heat pumps, solar collectors, thermosyphons, assembly systems, connection systems, tanks, pump groups, heat exchange stations, solar controllers. More than 60 percent of the company’s production goes abroad. Sunex S.A. made its debut on the regulated market of the Stock Exchange on 30.07.2015, where A, B series shares are listed. Previously, the Company’s shares were traded on the NewConnect market.

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