Szczecin and Swinoujscie with new railroad possibilities

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PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. plans to modernize the C-E 59 railroad line on the section from Rzepin to Szczecin Podjuch and further to Swinoujscie. The Company has signed two contracts to develop a feasibility study. The effect of the investment will be the efficient passage of passenger and freight trains transporting cargo from Lower Silesia to the ports of Western Pomerania.

Two agreements with a total value of nearly 4 million zlotys net for the development of a feasibility study for works on the route Rzepin – Szczecin Podjuchy and Szczecin Podjuchy – Szczecin Dąbie – Swinoujscie will allow for comprehensive analysis, determination of technical possibilities, detailed solutions and necessary works. Estimated investment costs will be provided. The study is a step towards realization of the investment in the new EU perspective 2021-2027.

– Projects on the line Wrocław – Szczecin – Swinoujscie are important on the national and international scale. The Odra River route carries cargo from the south to West Pomeranian ports. The prepared investments increase the role of railroads as efficient, safe and ecological transport and will bring measurable effects for the economy – said Arnold Bresch, Member of the Board of PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowe S.A.

Faster journey, more cargo

Among the assumed effects of the investment is an increase in the competitiveness of freight transport. This will be ensured by a railroad line prepared for the passage of longer and heavier warehouses. There will be trains of even 750 meters with a load of 221 kN per axle, thanks to which they will be able to carry more cargo at once.

In the feasibility study, the contractor is to determine the works important for attractive rail travel, including platforms at stations and stops.

Replacement of tracks, railroad traffic control devices and installation of a modern ERTMS/ETCS system will ensure efficient and safe travel and transport of goods, as well as shorten the travel time. Among the variants under consideration, it is planned to adjust the line for passenger trains to 160 km/h and for freight trains to 120 km/h. This will increase the capacity of the line, thanks to which more trains will be able to travel on the route.

The deadline for preparing the feasibility study for the project “Works on line C-E 59 – section Rzepin – Szczecin Podjuchy” was set for the end of 2022. The net value of the contract is 2.290 million PLN. The deadline for preparing pre-design documentation for the project “Works on route C-E 59 – section Swinoujscie – Szczecin Dabie – Szczecin Podjuchy” worth 1.678 million PLN net was set for July 2022. The projects are financed from PLK’s budget resources. The contractor of both projects will be BBF Sp. z o.o.

Source: PKP PLK

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