Technology consumes up to 12% of an office building’s construction budget

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The construction of an office building costs from several to even several dozen million zlotys. Most of the funds, because more than half is consumed by the construction itself, and 20-30% is equipment. From 6 to 12% of the total budget is spent on technology, but spending in this category will grow – according to the “Global Cost Report” prepared by CBRE. Experts point out that technology is an important criterion for the quality of modern office buildings, of which there are over 20 in total, all described in the guide “Modern Office Standards Poland 2020”.

– Apart from the costs of the construction itself, equipment and technology, the budget for relocation and architectural and engineering projects is also added to the process of creating an office building. Of course, the most costly is the construction itself, but both equipment and technology are of great importance from the point of view of the final quality of the building – says Krzysztof Koziar, the head of the construction consulting department at CBRE.

Office quality is gaining in importance

A study conducted by Grafton Recruitment and CBRE shows that home office workers most lack, among others, appropriate equipment or working conditions in the form of e.g. good lighting. All these elements affect the ergonomics of work and are an important part of the quality of an office building. According to the guide “Modern Office Standards Poland 2020”, created by CBRE and Rolfe Judd Architecture, there are over 20 criteria, which should be taken into account in the office building project. Every detail counts, among others the lobby, which creates the first impression for guests, common areas, parking or lifts. The technology used is also of great importance, starting with lighting, building management systems, and ending with remote booking of conference rooms. By taking care of every element, you can create an office that fulfils its most important function, which is to be optimal for its users.

Technology is taking up an ever greater share of expenses

According to the “Global Cost Report” created by CBRE, 6 to 12% of the total budget of an office building construction is spent on technological solutions. This includes IT installations, cabling, security systems, computers, laptops, monitors or desk phones. In addition, there is a noticeable increase in the number of elements that make up a so-called “intelligent building”. These are all systems that make it easier for users to use a given office. Apart from technology, the largest category of expenditure is the construction itself, which consumes between 50 and 70% of the costs. On the other hand, furnishings such as furniture, signage and branding account for 20 to even 30% of the budget.

– Employees need a space adapted for collaborative work and equipped with technological solutions that we lack in home offices. This is why companies’ investments in modern technology are essential and will grow. Adequate office space and the space in which we work is even more important in today’s reality – concludes Radosław Pawlak, Director in CBRE’s office space department.

Source: CBRE

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