Wroclaw – trailblaizing method of controlling properties

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Wrocław is the first city in the world to start using satellite detection when controlling properties. In this way, the declared area of ​​plots will be verified, affecting the amount of property tax. The method uses satellite imagery.

The Wrocław City Hall has signed a one-year contract with SatRevolution. On the basis of satellite images, the company will prepare reports, and on their basis, officials will verify the data in the submitted declarations with the actual state, optimize tax inspections already in progress in the field of real estate tax and make decisions on further actions. This is the first solution of this type in the world.

In Wrocław, we have real technological gems, such as SatRevolution, which sends satellites into space. In an open and modern city, there are entities dealing with space technologies that compete without complexes with international companies. It is important for the future of Wrocław – emphasizes Jacek Sutryk, the president of Wrocław.

The idea behind the authorities of Wrocław is to make real property tax revenues real. The cost of the annual contract is only PLN 128,000, and thanks to the improved collection of property taxes (e.g. thanks to the disclosure of the fact that buildings have not been taxed), revenues to the city budget may increase by PLN 3-4m.

Source: wroclaw.pl

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