The construction of the Ornowo – Wirwajdy section on the S5 route starts

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Budimex is starting the construction of the S5 expressway on the section Ornowo – Wirwajdy in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province. The symbolic shovel was hit on 29 July 2020. The value of the contract with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways Branch in Olsztyn amounts to PLN 165.6 million net.

5 km of new road

The construction of the investment on the section Ornowo – Wirwajdy will cover a route of about 5 km. This section is a continuation of the Ostróda ring road within the national road No. 16 and is part of the S5 expressway to Grudziądz, and finally to Wrocław. The official commencement of works took place three months after the contract was signed.

The task includes the construction of a road with a two-lane cross-section and the reconstruction of the cross-access roads to the ring road.  The Ostróda Zachód junction, two viaducts and four animal crossings will also be built. The general contractor has undertaken to implement the project within 31 months from the commencement of works. Winter periods are not included in the time of the works.

The largest bridge in Europe

The construction of the S5 on the section Ornowo – Wirwajdy is another road investment of Budimex in this part of Poland. Earlier, the general contractor completed the Olsztyn bypass and the southern bypass of Ostróda Pododcinek B, i.e. a nearly 10 km section of the S7 expressway (9.7km) and a slightly shorter national road DK16 (9km). The scope of works of the Ostróda investment also included the construction of the largest extradosed type bridge in Europe. The record four-span investment with a total length of 677 metres was made in overhang technology.

Source: Budimex

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