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The Polish e-commerce sector is currently one of the most dynamically growing European markets. In 2020, as many as 73% of internet users made online purchases and their number increased by 11 percentage points compared to 2019. With the development of the industry, we can see a growing demand for traders, forwarders and warehousemen.

In 2020, Poles made more than EUR 15.3 billion in online purchases, an increase of 31.4% compared to 2019. According to a study by the eCommerce Europe organisation, Poland achieved the best growth result in the whole of Europe. It is forecast that the high growth rate of e-commerce in Poland will continue for the next few years. The analysis conducted by PwC shows that in 2026 the gross value of the Polish e-commerce market will reach 162 billion PLN. This means an average annual growth of 12%. The fastest growth will be observed in the sale of food products and the health and beauty segment. Along with the rapid development of e-commerce, a dynamic growth of the logistics industry can be observed. As more and more large warehouse halls are built and courier companies are booming, the demand for employees to support the various processes is growing.

Warehousemen and forklift operators needed

With the growth of the e-commerce sector, the demand for logistics and courier services employees has increased. Employment can be found in logistics centres, offices, warehouses, sorting facilities or as a field worker. Currently, the most sought-after employees in logistics are warehousemen and fork-lift truck operators with UDT qualifications. In recent years, these workers have been among the most sought-after, and the rapid development of e-commerce has made staff shortages even worse. Forklift jobs require the right qualifications confirmed by an examination, which also has an impact on the current staffing deficit.

The staffing deficit in the logistics industry can be seen especially in economic zones and regions where large warehouse and transshipment centres are located. Compared to 2019 or even 2020, we have more and more enquiries from customers about the availability of forklift operators with UDT qualifications. Forklift operators from the east are the answer to the growing market needs. As an employment agency, for many of our clients we recruit employees from the East with experience in their home countries, and then we guide them through the process of training and obtaining authorisations in Poland“. – says Tomasz Dudek, Managing Director of the employment agency OTTO Work Force Central Europe.

Source: OTTO Work Force

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