The Lubiaz dam with a design agreement

Tama na Odrze

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The State Water Company (PGW) Wody Polskie signed a contract with DHV Hydroprojekt for the design of the Lubiaz dam on the Odra River. The value of the contract is about PLN 13.2m.

Design work

The contract for the design of the water barrage was signed with the Lower Silesian Voivodship Office in Wroclaw. Signatures were signed by Przemyslaw Daca – President of the State Water Management Authority and members of the DHV Hydroprojekt Management Board as contractors.

The project for the construction of the Lubiaz dam is to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2023. The consortium of DHV Hydroprojekt as the leader and Energoprojekt Warszawa and Hydroprojekt Wrocław will be responsible for preparing the construction and executive design. The value of the project was estimated at over PLN 13m.

Value of PLN 400m

The completion of the construction is scheduled for 2027. The value of the investment is estimated at PLN 400m. The project will include a four-span weir, a two-chamber shipping lock, a fish ladder and a hydroelectric power plant.

The main objective of the investment is to improve navigation conditions and flood safety. The building is also to inhibit the erosion process in the Odra riverbed below the Malczyce dam and to protect it against washout and loss of stability. It will also enable the restoration of the original groundwater level and will prevent the drying out of the adjacent areas, thus protecting the riparian forests.

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