The Mirbud consortium will finish the work after Italians?

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GDDKiA received six bids in a tender to complete the construction of the S5 expressway between Bydgoszcz Blonie (formerly Biale Blota) and Szubin. The cheapest works were valued by the consortium of Kobylarnia and Mirbud, however, the offer exceeds the investor’s budget by nearly PLN 60m.

Italians thrown out of construction

In June this year, the Italian company Impresa Pizzarotti was expelled from the construction of three sections of the S5 in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship after repeated calls from GDDKiA to reliably implement the contracts, of which we informed at that time.

The section Nowe Marzy – Aleksandrowo, which according to the schedule should be ready in December this year, was then materially advanced in 23%, the section Dworzysko – Aleksandrowo with the completion date in November this year had works performed in 30%, while the section Bydgoszcz Blonie – Szubin was materially advanced in 39%, and the completion of works was planned for July 2019.

A chance for a lucrative contract

Tenders for the completion of works after Italians were announced by GDDKiA in August of this year, and today (13 November) have been opened bids submitted by interested companies for the implementation of works on the nearly 10 km section Bydgoszcz Blonie – Szubin.

The cheapest offer was submitted by the consortium of Kobylarnia (Leader) and Mirbud, which declared the implementation of the investment for PLN 359.4m gross, compared to the contracting authority’s budget set at PLN 299.8m gross. The second cheapest offer belonged to Budimex (PLN 381.3m gross), and the most expensive to Polaqua (PLN 556.3m gross).

Considering the fact that all bidders declared the same duration of works and guarantees (17 months and 10 years respectively), it is the consortium of companies from the Mirbud group that has the greatest chance to sign a profitable contract.

Nearly 3bn in portfolios

As at 31 October 2019, Mirbud SA had an order backlog worth PLN 2.83bn and its subsidiary Kobylarnia, PLN 155.7m. This makes for a total of PLN 2.99bn.

Both firms’ order books could soon increase, as they are taking an active part in new tenders. In October alone, Mirbud submitted offers in five public tenders and eight non-public ones, whose combined value is PLN 1.25bn, including VAT, while Kobylarnia submitted offers in 26 public tenders and one non-public tender, worth PLN 205m between them.   

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