The next tenders for S19 sections in Podlaskie Voivodship

droga nocą na podlasiu

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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) sent today (29 May) for publication in the Official Journal of the EU a notice of two tenders for the design and construction of two sections of the S19 expressway in Podlaskie Voivodship. It is a 10-kilometre section of Krynice (from the existing DK65) – Dobrzyniewo (without a junction) – Białystok Zachód (with a junction) and almost 13-kilometre section of Białystok Południe (without a junction) – Ploski nad Narwią. Both are to be ready by the end of 2024.

More and more S19 around Białystok

Both parts of the S19 expressway, for which tenders are launched, are part of the future Via Carpatia transport route connecting the Baltic States with southern Europe.  At the same time, they are an extension of the so-called South Ring Road of Bialystok: Krynice – Dobrzyniewo – Białystok to the north and west of the city, and Białystok Południe – Ploski to the south of Białystok, towards Lublin.

Both fragments of the S19 are in total about 23 kilometres of a two-lane 2×2 expressway, adapted to heavy traffic (category KR6 or KR7). The technology of the surface construction (cement concrete or bituminous surface) will be chosen by the contractor.

– Via Carpatia, the S19 expressway is an opportunity for Eastern Poland, including Podlasie, for development, new investments and jobs. The implementation of this project also includes the construction of the Białystok bypass, which will allow the residents of the city to take a break from the burdensome transit traffic – said Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Rafał Weber.

Nodes, bridges, viaducts

The fragment of Krynice – Dobrzyniewo – Białystok Zachód consists of two subsections, which the GDDKiA has combined into one:

Dobrzyniewo – Białystok Zachód, for which the tender was cancelled on 22 April this year due to bids exceeding the contracting authority’s budget,
Krynica – Dobrzyniewo, which is an extension of the first one and was originally to be implemented at a later date.

On the section Krynice – Dobrzyniewo – Białystok Zachód the Białystok Zachód junction was planned to connect the planned S19 (led mountain) with the existing S8 (led bottom). The task will include, among others, the construction of the Travel Service Centre, Road District, 14 engineering structures, including two bridges – over the Supraśl and Biała rivers, and a railway viaduct over the Białystok – Ełk tracks.

On the section Białystok Południe – Ploski, on the other hand, a node of Zabłudów and a large, over 150-metre long bridge over the Narew valley are planned.

Timetable for further work:

29 May 2020. – transmission of the contract notice for publication in the OJEU
3 June 2020 – initiation of proceedings
6 August 2020 – deadline for submission/opening of tenders
Q4 2020 – conclusion of a contract with a contractor
2022-2024 – task implementation

Source: GDDKiA

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