The purchase of land for the CPK will start in 2020

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The process of land purchase for the Central Transport Port (CPK) is to start next year, and its construction should start 3 years later, Marcin Horala, government plenipotentiary for CPK and deputy minister of infrastructure informed. According to him, the first planes from the largest airport in this part of Europe would take off at the turn of 2027 and 2028.

Four steps to a good start

For the CPK to be implemented as planned, four steps need to be taken in 2020, according to Marcin Horala. The first is the need to amend the law in order to reduce administrative procedures as much as possible and to reduce the number of formalities required. Another necessary element will be the government’s multi-annual financing plan for the port, which will be included in the multi-annual public finance plans.

In the third step, it will be necessary to select a strategic advisor who will prepare the master plan of the airport and then become a partner during the implementation of the investment. This role will be played by one of the largest airports in the world. Talks are already underway with airports in Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore.

The final element will be the commencement of the negotiation process and the voluntary purchase of land in order to collect land for the future airport.

The first plane in 8 years?

The government’s plans are to begin construction of the CPK in 2023, but according to Marcin Horala, meeting this deadline will be difficult to achieve and will require an amendment to the law so that preparatory earthworks can begin before a final, legally valid building permit is issued. However, this solution is already in place in other speculative jurisdictions.

The financing of the construction of the port is to be market-based, i.e. it will take place through, for example, loans or bonds. The last updated valuation of the airport component of the CPK amounts to PLN 25bn.

The assumed date of the first air operation at the CPK is the turn of 2027/2028. The implementation of the first stage of the airport will allow for 45 million passengers, and ultimately the airport will be able to handle up to 100 million passengers.

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