The Skanska will build anti-smog sidewalks at High5ive


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Skanska will build a pavement made of “green concrete” around the third and fourth building of the High5ive complex in Krakow. It will purify the air of harmful substances from car exhaust fumes.

Green concrete pavement in Krakow

The investment in air-purifying pavements will take place in Pawia Street in Krakow around the third and fourth building of the High5ive office complex. The pavement will be constructed on an area of almost 1,900 m2. The works will start in September 2019. The first part of the pavement will be ready in December this year, together with building A. The second part will be commissioned in February 2020, together with building B.

The use of a special concrete mix together with the effect of sunlight on the surface of the concrete slab will reduce harmful compounds from car exhaust fumes. Harmful NOx particles will be broken down into harmless compounds that are similar to those used for fertilizing plants.

The pavement is already working in Warsaw

Last year, a green concrete pavement was constructed at the Generation Park office project in Warsaw. Special concrete was laid at the Daszynskiego roundabout.

The project partners are Skanska and Gorazdze Cement and scientific institutes such as the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Faculty of Geology of the University of Warsaw. The project has been tested for nine months in laboratory and urban conditions, with different intensity of car traffic. The tests showed that green concrete has a 30% lower concentration of carbon dioxide than a normal pavement section.

High5ive in Krakow

The High5ive office complex will consist of five buildings, which will provide the market with a total of approx. 70,000 m2 of modern space. Two buildings with an area of 23,300 m2 are already completed. Currently, the construction of the third and fourth building with an area of approximately 12,000 m2 and 24,500 m2 respectively is underway.

The author of the building project is NS Moon Studio, and the general contractor is Skanska.

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