Tomasz Stepien as President of Polskie LNG

Terminal LNG w Świnoujściu

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14 October this year, Tomasz Stepien was appointed president, and Krzysztof Jackowski was appointed vice-president of Polskie LNG, a subsidiary of Gaz-System, which is the owner and operator of the LNG Terminal in Swinoujscie, informed the group.

Implementation of the strategy

New appointments to the Polskie LNG Management Board are related to the implementation of the strategy of the Gaz-System capital group. It assumes the integration of processes related to the construction of key infrastructure for the country’s energy security.

Tomasz Stepien is currently the President of Gaz-System, who has been associated with it since 2008. In his career to date, he has been responsible, among others, for coordinating the construction of the LNG terminal in Swinoujscie and the construction of an underground gas storage facility. In 2007-2008, he worked for PGNiG, where he was responsible for strategic diversification projects, and in 2005-2007, she was deputy director of the Department for Diversification of Energy Supplies at the Ministry of Economy.

Krzysztof Jackowski is the current vice-president of Gaz-System and has been associated with the group since the beginning of 2019. Previously, he was, among others, a director of the Office of Service of the Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, a member of supervisory boards of Gaz-System and Naftoserwis.

The Group also informed that Pawel Jakubowski and Bartlomiej Sloma resigned from their positions on the Management Board of Polskie LNG as of October 14, 2019.

The only one of its kind in the region

Polskie LNG is a subsidiary of Gaz-System, which owns and operates the President Lech Kaczynski LNG Terminal in Swinoujscie, the only such large facility in the region of Central and Eastern Europe importing liquefied gas. The company started its investment activity in 2010, and the terminal has been in operation since 2016. The task of Polskie LNG is, among others, to operate and develop the terminal infrastructure, as well as to build the national and regional LNG market.

The LNG Terminal’s annual regasification capacity amounts to 5 billion Nm³.

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