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The voting for the most interesting projects in the prestigious competition Top Municipal Investments 2021 (Top Inwestycje Komunalne 2021) will close on 12th September. The best investments will be selected by the Consultative Council and Internet users in two polls, and awards may go to as many as 10 out of 20 nominees.

Top Municipal Investments 2021 is the 10th edition of the competition, in which the most interesting investments implemented by local governments and municipal companies are selected since 2012. Each nominated project must stand out for its innovation and ensure a pro-development effect for the economy, region, and residents. When assessing the nominees, the Consultative Council will be guided by several criteria, such as functionality, aesthetic values, or the investment’s scale in relation to the budget and the local government’s capabilities. This year’s edition will include investments that were commissioned in 2020 or by 30 June 2021 had been completed in at least 50%.

The investments concern various aspects of the inhabitants’ lives, such as communication, cultural or recreational infrastructure. The former category includes the transport centre project in Katowice, the construction of roads in Konin and Września, as well as integrated transfer points in Czeladź, Paweł Adamowicz Avenue in Gdańsk, and a pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Opole. Cultural investments include the Fortress Museum in Toruń. Projects serving the recreation of residents include swimming pools in Katowice, Uznam Arena in Świnoujście, Astoria complex in Bydgoszcz, ice rink in Bytom, and parks in Chęciny, Lublin, and Ruda Śląska. There are also projects which are supposed to be amenities for the inhabitants, such as the County Support Centre in Tuchola or residential buildings in Kraków, as well as investments aimed at improving the quality of life of animals, such as the shelter in Poznań.

Although the Uznam Arena in Świnoujście, the animal shelter in Poznań, and the pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Opole enjoy the greatest support from internet users, the most important projects from the point of view of ecology are those which are to solve problems connected with air pollution and the constantly increasing water shortage. One of the investments aimed at improving air quality is the project of the Municipal Heat Supply Company in Nowy Sącz, which is to raise the share of renewable energy sources in heat production. Two rainwater management investments are located in Olsztyn, where a small rainwater retention reservoir has been built, and in Rzeszów, where a rainwater sewer system is being constructed.

The Consultative Council will select the best proposals from among 20 nominated projects, and Internet users will vote to choose their favourite. Voting can be done via the official website Top Inwestycje Komunalne 2021 until September 12, 2021, at noon. Internet users can vote for each project by choosing the option “for” or “against”. The list of winners will be announced during the European Economic Congress 2021, which runs from 20 to 22 September 2021.

20 nominated investments:

  • Construction of a connection between Paderewskiego st. and Wyzwolenia st. in Konin in connection with modernisation of the E-20 railway line
  • Construction of multi-family residential complexes in J. K. Przyzby st. and Zalesie Street and Wankowicza st in Krakow
  • Construction of the Wrzesnia bypass road
  • District Support Centre in Tuchola
  • Construction of a communication centre with Passenger Information System in Kielce
  • Innovative and developmental solutions for MPEC Nowy Sacz
  • Construction of a storm water drain system in the Budziwoj housing estate in Rzeszow (as part of the project: Arrangement of water and sewage management in the city of Rzeszow through construction of a storm water drain system – stage I)
  • Construction of a tram line, roadway and cycle track with accompanying infrastructure – Al. Pawel Adamowicza (Nowa Bulonska) in Gdansk
  • Joachim Halupczok Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge in Opole
  • Adaptation of the Chełmińska Gate Barracks building for museum purposes of the Toruń Fortress Museum
    New animal shelter in Poznan
  • Redevelopment, extension and superstructure of the ice rink hall in Bytom
    City park in Checiny
  • Reclamation and remediation of former coking plant Orzegów in Ruda Slaska
  • Revitalisation of the Astoria complex for sports and leisure purposes, including construction of a 50-metre swimming pool
  • Natural revitalisation of People’s Park in Lublin located in the area of Integrated Transport Centre for LOF
  • Construction of sports infrastructure at the Centre for Vocational Education and Tourism in Swinoujscie
    Integrated transfer points Bus-Tram-Bike/Autobus-Bike (A-T-R/A-R) in Czeladz
  • Construction of a small rainwater retention reservoir in Bukowskiego st. in Olsztyn (as part of the project entitled “Rainwater management systems in the city of Olsztyn”)
  • Construction of swimming pools in districts of Katowice

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