Torus has sold the Alchemia Office Complex


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DWS investment group buys Neon building, built by Torus, for over EUR 80m.

The Neon office building, the fourth and final stage of the Alchemia business complex in Gdansk, has been sold by Torus. The building was purchased by DWS, the investment fund management group, which purchased it for one of its German real estate funds. The transaction value amounted to more than EUR 80m net.

Neon was built in October 2019. Its leasable area is 35,000 m2, including 33,500 m2 of office space, and 1,500 m2 of service premises. Neon, like the other stages of the complex, is LEED platinum certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

The sale of the Neon building is the last stage of the Alchemia investment project, which lasted nearly 10 years. There was a successful sale of Each of the four stages was successfully sold and commercialized.

The assets of the funds managed by DWS are worth EUR 759bn. For over 50 years, the company has been investing in real estate, and as of 30 September 2020, its total investment exceeds EUR 65bn.

The office developer Torus has completed seven office transactions with six different funds; five buildings of the Arkonska Business Park complex and four stages of Alchemia were sold for a total of nearly EUR 370m. The sale of the Neon building is the second transaction in terms of value in the company’s history, as well as one of the largest in the history of the Tri-City office market.

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