UK: new buildings with charging stations

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From 2022, new buildings in the UK will have to be equipped with electric car charging stations. The regulations will apply to both newly built properties and those undergoing a major refurbishment.

The new regulations are intended to enhance the UK’s strategy for reducing climate change. By switching to electromobility, emissions will be reduced and this will translate into a higher quality of life for residents. The ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars, which will be effective from 2030, will also be one of the steps towards reducing environmental impact.

However, such a transition will require an increased demand for electric car charging stations, the number of which is around 25,000 in the UK. According to the Competition and Markets Authority, demand for charging facilities could increase up to tenfold by 2030. Demand for charging stations is set to be met by new regulations, which state that from 2022 new homes and buildings will have to be equipped with charging points. The regulations will apply to properties such as supermarkets and workplaces, with buildings undergoing major refurbishment additionally covered by the new regulations.

Interest in electric cars in the UK continues to grow. In 2020, electric vehicles accounted for 10% of all car sales in the British Isles, compared to just 2.5% in 2018. Growing demand for more eco-friendly forms of transport and a reduction in the use of internal combustion cars could see emissions in the UK start to gradually drop. According to the BBC, cars and taxis contributed to 16% of emissions in 2019.

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