Warsaw: 120-metre skyscraper will be erected on Grzybowski Square

Skyscraper in Warsaw

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Another skyscraper will be erected in Warsaw, and the new investment is a result of cooperation between Belgian developer Ghelamco and the Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland. Although initially, the plan was to use part of the skyscraper for the Jewish Theatre, the theatre will be built in the district of Wola.

According to the decision of the capital’s town hall, a 120-metre skyscraper will be erected at Grzybowski Square (Plac Grzybowski), although according to initial plans, the construction was to be 20 metres lower. The investment must comply with the city authorities’ ordinance on the permissible shape of a skyscraper.

The construction of the skyscraper at Grzybowski Square was for many years held back by the community of Cosmopolitan skyscraper, but thanks to the approval of the capital’s town hall the developer will be able to start the construction process. According to Ghelamco, which is currently carrying out the project of the 174-metre-high The Bridge tower at European Square (Plac Europejski), the demolition works took three months and the preserved historical mosaics will be incorporated into the new building.

The skyscraper under construction will house the new headquarters of the Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland, the Education Centre for the Righteous Among the Nations and office and service space of about 34,800 m2. The building will also offer a venue for meetings, lectures and exhibitions devoted to the Righteous Among the Nations. The planned Education Centre will also make it possible to hold debates and workshops, which will be open to tours from all over the world. The building will also provide space for a volunteer centre for the Polish Righteous Among the Nations.

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