Warsaw: the metro commutes to Targowek

stacja metra w warszawie

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On Sunday (15 September 2019), 3 new stations were connected to the Warsaw underground network, being part of Line II. Thanks to the investment worth over PLN 1 billion, passengers will now be able to reach Targówek.

Three new stations

The three new stations of the Warsaw underground made available to passengers are Trocka, Targowek Mieszkaniowy and Szwedzka, located on the north-eastern section of Line II, which is now 9.7 km long and consists of a total of 10 stations. Although the construction works were completed already in May this year, a day before the planned date, the process of acceptance by the relevant services, however, made it possible for the first passengers to use this part of the metro only four months later.

The new 3.12 km long section was built by the Italian company Astaldi on the basis of a contract concluded in 2016 amounting to PLN 1,067bn gross. Despite numerous problems with other contracts executed in Poland, the contractor did not stop the construction of the metro.

The second line of the Warsaw underground will now be serviced by 15 depots, i.e. three more than before. During rush hour trains will depart from the station as before, i.e. every 3 minutes. The crossing time of the entire currently operating second metro line will be 17 minutes.

Construction is still ongoing

In a few months, at the beginning of next year, three more stations on the western side of the Vistula are to be ready: Ksiecia Janusza, Mlynow and Plocka. This 3.4 km long section is being built by the Turkish company Gulermak.

Subsequent sections of the second line of the underground will be delivered in 2021 and 2022. The whole line is to be nearly 23 km long.

From the current EU perspective, the support for the Warsaw underground has so far amounted to almost PLN 10bn, which makes it one of the largest beneficiaries of EU funds in Poland.

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