We know the new forecasts for the construction sector and the leaders’ plans for the next year 2020.

IV Forum Budownictwo w Polsce

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Annual industry debate: 4th Forum Building Sector in Poland behind us! On 10 October, as every year, we met among 150 key contractors, developers, manufacturers of building materials as well as industry circles and investors to discuss the situation in the sector and forecasts for the next year. 90% of the people present were representatives of management boards who had a real impact on the shape of the sector in Poland. The event once again confirmed its opinion-forming character.

What are the forecasts for the next year?

Market participants are moderately optimistic: surveys conducted during the Forum showed that most voters expect construction and assembly production to increase in 2019 and 2020, although in their opinion there may be a further deterioration in profitability.

The most important conclusion emerges from the numerous discussions and statements of the Forum participants: in the nearest future the biggest challenge in large construction companies (although not all of them, of course) will be not to increase sales, but rather to stabilize revenues and improve profitability. The main problem reported by both the surveyed companies and the participants of the PMR Forum is the shortage of employees in the construction industry. In view of the record low unemployment in Poland, therefore, measures increasing work efficiency (automation, computerisation, innovative materials facilitating assembly, or increased share of prefabrication) are also unavoidable in the construction industry. Each market segment has its own rules and regulations, and each action in these areas must be tailored to the technical capabilities and requirements of customers. There is no turning back in the long term.

Plans of the leading players and the most important changes   

The event was an opportunity to receive first-hand PMR’s latest indices and forecasts for the infrastructure, residential, commercial and construction materials sectors. Traditionally, this year’s assessment and development plans were shared by representatives of the management board of, among others, the following companies: Budimex, Erbud, Unibep, PORR, Polimex-Mostostal, Doraco, Mirbud, Trakcja PRKiI, Strabag, Mostostal-Warszawa, Eurovia, Aluprof, Selena, Pekabex, Atal, Robyg, Vantage Development and others.

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