What flats will hit the market this year?


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What residential developments are developers planning to introduce? What kind of flats have been designed in them? At what prices can we buy them? What kind of projects are the companies betting on? The poll was conducted by the real estate website dompress.pl. 

Andrzej Oślizło, President of Develia

In each of the cities where we operate, we plan to launch new investments. These will be both new projects and further stages of already existing estates. In Katowice, it will be the next phase of the Ceglana Park estate, whose second phase was very well received by clients and sold out in 50 per cent before the construction works started. In Kraków, we have planned the construction of four more stages of the ongoing housing estates, i.e. Słoneczne Miasteczko, Centralna Park, Przy Mogilskiej and Grzegórzecka 77. In Gdańsk, we will launch the next stage of the Świętokrzyska Park investment and two projects in new locations. In addition, we will launch a large investment in Praga Południe in Warsaw.

At the moment we are focusing on activities on the residential and commercial markets in the cities where we have been present so far, actively searching for land for new projects. At the same time, we are continuously monitoring market changes, including the development of PRS, i.e. the private rental sector, and we are analyzing the expansion of our operations to other cities.

Zbigniew Juroszek, CEO of Atal 

We carry out investments in three sectors: residential, commercial and the segment of investment flats. In the coming quarters we assume further consistent development. The investments that are already at the planning stage will provide 9 thousand apartments, which is more than 515 thousand PUM. Thus, we will regularly supplement our offer with new residential projects in all seven agglomerations where we operate. We also plan further consistent development in the sector of commercial real estate and investment flats.

Adrian Potoczek, Sales and Marketing Director at Wawel Service

We are already almost 30 years in the market, and the year 2021 will be exceptionally rich in terms of introducing new investments to the market. We are planning three investments in Cracow and two in Katowice in top locations. We will sell both flats and villas in prestigious districts of Krakow and functional flats in Katowice, where proximity of nature and green areas will be crucial.

We have decided to change the concept of creating our investments and direct them towards eco-friendly environment and make their residents feel close to nature. We are about to launch an innovative project – a residential project at Wiertnicza Street in Katowice with a real vineyard on the roof and green gardens which will be an integral part of the building’s façade. It will be a great challenge and will certainly change the way we look at modern construction.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

We are preparing to commence this year the construction of settlements with 2,600 flats. We will start with the long-awaited Pruszków investment called Stacja Centrum in a central, green district of Pruszków with special landscape, recreation and leisure advantages. Interest in the project during the presale period was very high.

We also started pre-sales of apartments in the prestigious Osiedle Horizon investment in Gdańsk. It will be a complex of residential buildings of various heights, from seven to eighteen storeys, with 629 flats with areas ranging from 26 m2 to 98 m2, with functional layouts and a higher standard. Each flat will have a balcony, loggia or terrace. From the highest apartments it will be possible to admire the panorama of the city, the harbour and the Bay of Gdańsk.

Soon the sale of flats will also start in Metropolis Silesia, in Osiedle Kościuszki, our next investment after Osiedle Nowe Tysiąclecie. The project, located in the centre of Chorzów, will be developed in two stages. Ultimately, it will comprise 256 flats.

In the near future, we will also launch a premium investment in Celna Street in Szczecin. We are also planning new projects in Łódź and Warsaw.

Michał Witkowski, Sales Director Lokum Deweloper S.A.

This year, we plan to systematically supplement our offer with new stages of currently developed and proven projects. In the coming months, we intend to commence sales of successive stages of the following housing estates in Krakow: Lokum Siesta in Dębniki and Lokum Vista in Podgórze Duchackie. In the long term, we will expand our assortment by adding flats in our Wrocław projects Lokum Porto in the Old Town and Lokum Verde in Zakrzów, as well as Lokum Salsa in Krakow’s Zabłocie.

We are also preparing to develop a new housing estate Lokum la Vida in Wrocław at L. Herbsta Street. Our offer is built on the basis of market trends as well as buyers’ preferences and expectations. We offer our customers a wide choice of layouts and floor areas, so they can find the perfect apartment among our proposals. The prices of launched investments are adjusted to the standard of execution, location and designed solutions.

Cezary Grabowski, Sales and Marketing Director at Bouygues Immobilier Polska

We are in the process of launching the first project for sale this year. It is Le Vert, a four-storey building with a courtyard and underground garage which we will construct in Pilczycka street in Wrocław. We have planned 83 flats ranging from 30 sqm to 85 sqm.

This year we will certainly launch further investments also in Warsaw and Poznań. Moreover, we are going to launch our first residential project in Tri-City. We will consistently follow our strategy, adopted many years ago, of building small estates and compact flats, diversifying the offer with larger projects. Currently, one of the most important elements of our strategy is sustainable construction, which incorporates solutions from the areas of ecology and well-being. Wherever possible, we will introduce solutions such as photovoltaic panels, white roof sheathing, green walls, rainwater collection systems, green patios with leisure zones, as well as elements of sports and recreation infrastructure. One of the biggest attractions of Le Vert will be the green relaxation zone in the courtyard, where deckchairs and benches made of natural materials – wood and metal – will appear. The area around the building will be decorated with grass, bushes, flowers and newly planted trees.

Monika Perekitko, Member of Matexi Polska Management Board

In 2021 we plan to launch several projects in Warsaw’s Wola, Mokotów and Ursynów districts, as well as the second stage of the NaBielany project!  This will allow us to strengthen our market position by offering customers products diversified in terms of location and market segment. We also plan to further develop the Kraków market and to launch the third investment there still in the first quarter of this year.

In addition, we will focus on purchasing land in both cities. We also plan to enter another city and open a new market for us, the third one in Poland. We will also successively strengthen our operations in the PRS segment.

Sebastian Barandziak, CEO of Dekpol Deweloper

This year, 2021, we plan to launch new projects in very interesting locations. One of the investments is the Neo Jasień Estate, which will be built in the Jasień district of Gdańsk. The project ultimately includes the construction of four buildings with flats ranging from 30 sqm to 65 sqm. The investment will be located near Osiedle Zielony, which has been sold out in its entirety and enjoys great interest. This year we are also planning to sell the next stage of Osiedle Pastelowe, located in Łostowice. We are also very enthusiastic about the commencement of sales of the eleven-storey building within the Sol Marina development on Sobieszewska Island, offering not only holiday flats, but also a swimming pool, a SPA, a restaurant and conference rooms.

Zuzanna Należyta, Commercial Director at Eco Classic

At the end of last year we started pre-sales of two investments, and this year we will start their construction. The sixth stage of the Wolne Miasto investment in Gdańsk is the penultimate phase of this project. Another three-storey building is being erected there, integrated into green patios, courtyards and pedestrian pathways. It will comprise 140 flats with areas ranging from 30 sqm to 78 sqm at prices starting from PLN 7,000 per sqm. Another investment is the second stage of the Moja Północna estate in Warsaw with 175 flats with areas ranging from 25 sq.m. to 95 sq.m., with prices from PLN 7900/sq.m.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director, Home Invest

In 2021, we plan to introduce several new investments in Warsaw. We will also start the construction of successive stages of our projects which began in the previous years. We will sell flats, micro-apartments and retail units of various sizes, ranging from 19 sqm to over 100 sqm, with 1 to 5 rooms. The price range will depend primarily on the location and standard of a given investment. The new flats will be built, among others, in Warsaw’s Bielany, Targówek, Białołęka or Ochota districts.

Tomasz Czubak, director of Development Projects Preparation at Jakon

In 2021 we are planning to launch investments in an excellent location in Poznań, in the area of Grunwaldzka Street. It is a perfectly communicated part of the city with a tram line in the nearest vicinity.

After a few years of break Jakon company is coming back to the Polish sea with the implementation of the project from the premium segment. The investment in Świnoujście, as it is being referred to, will be an investment for a demanding client. The surrounding green areas and proximity of the yacht harbour are only some of the advantages of this location.

We will also introduce next stages of the investment at Kórnicka Street. Our offer will also include a new investment in Bydgoszcz at Fordońska Street. Fordon is a great location for our clients, which we became convinced of during the realisation of the Pod Skarpą estate. Prices of flats in our investments start from 4500 PLN gross.

Apart from development we deal with industrial, logistic and office construction. With our design office facilities, we are able to carry out even the most complex tailor-made projects. In the coming years, we plan to develop each of the areas of our activity.

Edyta Kołodziej, Sales and Marketing Director Nickel Development

We are working intensively on launching three new investments on the market. Two of them, planned within the city of Poznań, are multi-family housing projects, diversified both in terms of architecture and structure.

The third investment will not surprise with its location, but it may surprise with its form. We are designing the next stage of Osiedle Księżnej Dąbrówki, this time offering diversified housing, meeting the expectations of customers who associate their future with Dąbrówka.

Joanna Chojecka, sales and marketing director for Warsaw and Wrocław at Robyg SA.

We have an extensive land bank that secures our business for the next 3-4 years. In 2019-2020, we finalised significant land purchases for a total of over 10,000 flats. In Warsaw and Gdańsk we have an established position on the residential investment market, we are also developing intensively in Wrocław and Poznań. We offer our clients attractive locations, but we are not resting on our laurels. We have secured funds for land purchases and further investments. Our goal is to maintain the current level of activity, which means the smooth launch of subsequent housing projects.

Sylwester Śniadecki, President of Śniadecki Development and Śniadecki Investment Group

We are planning to launch new investments in towns near Poznań, such as Gortatów, where we will build an estate of two-family residential buildings, where families with children will find their dream M.

We will also develop our second project – Śniadecki Investment Group, which is an offer for people who want to invest capital in the real estate industry or start their adventure with developer activity. We are also actively looking for people who own land in interesting locations that would be perfect for residential and commercial investments. By taking up cooperation with an experienced developer, a co-owner not only gets an opportunity to make a profit of 8-10 per cent annually, but also a maintenance-free cooperation.

Wojciech Chotkowski, President of the Management Board of Aria Development         

We have several projects in the pipeline. They will probably be located directly in Warsaw and its vicinity. We have started the sale and implementation of the new Osiedle Natura in Wieliszew, and in the middle of this year we will be preparing to launch the second stage. Nowe Osiedle Natura is a project being developed in Wieliszew, near Zalew Zegrzyński, a dozen or so kilometres from the borders of Warsaw. We will construct six four-storey buildings with lifts, underground garages and Aria Eco Smart solutions. We are open to new initiatives and cooperation proposals. We constantly analyse the market situation, economic data and consider various development opportunities.

Mariola Żak, sales and marketing director at Aurec Home

We have just launched the construction of the second stage of the Miasteczko Jutrzenki estate in Włochy, which offers a total of 140 flats. The construction work will be carried out by Hochtief Polska, which guarantees high quality workmanship.

Soon, we will start another very interesting project in Warsaw. On a 2.5 ha plot at Dyrekcyjna street in Ursus we plan to build about 800 flats, but also commercial, catering and service premises.  The residential buildings will have 6-7 floors and the flats will range from 35 to 100 sqm. In terms of price the project will fit into the economic segment of the market, but at the same time we will maintain the elements characteristic of our company, such as high quality of flats, care for common areas and facilities for residents. In the construction of the estate we will include fragments of the former Ursus factory, which are protected by the monuments conservator. Thanks to that, a piece of history of this place will be preserved.

Author: Dompress.pl

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