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What innovative technological and environmental solutions do developers introduce in their investments? What amenities can future residents of new housing estates count on? The survey was prepared by the real estate service Dompress.pl

Miroslaw Kujawski, Member of the Board of Develia S.A.

Despite the fact that there is currently an exceptionally poor offer of flats on the market, with the increase in their prices, expectations regarding the standard of projects are also growing. This concerns mainly investments built in the premium and higher standard segment. It is similar in our case. For a long time we have been trying to use pro-ecological solutions in our projects, such as high quality window woodwork or LED lighting. In the prepared investments we have also provided stations for charging electric cars, brine graduation towers or outdoor gyms. In addition, as part of our green investments, we choose vegetation that absorbs all kinds of pollution.

Malgorzata Ostrowska, Board Member and Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

There are many examples of using innovative technological and pro-ecological solutions in our investments. In the multifunctional, 27-storey Hanza Tower building in Szczecin we will use passenger cranes, which thanks to drives with energy return function and environmentally friendly materials will make it more ecological. In this investment on the area of 1000 sq. m. we have designed a Fitness & SPA rest zone with a swimming pool. In the Hansa Tower, just like in Warsaw’s Near Wola Tower, the apartments will be air-conditioned. Here, too, we have focused on ecology. One of the solutions is a storage reservoir, where rainwater from roofs and green areas is collected for watering the plants of the housing estate. Inside the estate we have designed a recreational area: boulevard, playgrounds, bicycle paths, a complex of pitches and fountain park. In the winter season an ice rink is launched. Thanks to the green roofs of the buildings we have increased the biologically active areas in the housing estate. In turn, Gdynia’s Rezydencja Redłowo Housing Estate has its own gas boiler room, supported by solar collectors, which allows to save even several dozen zlotys a month on the bills.

Aleksandra Goller, Sales and Marketing Director at Skanska Housing Company

For many years we have been implementing solutions that guarantee our clients a more comfortable life, such as the benefits of BREEAM environmental certification, which in 2015 was a complete novelty in the industry. Today, all our estates are guaranteed the quality of the materials used and the construction process carried out with care for the natural environment. And we have gone one step further by introducing the first housing estates in Poland whose architectural accessibility has been confirmed by the “Object without barriers” certificate. – is located in Mokotow Holm House 1 and the Mickiewicza 2 Estate in Bielany. In addition, our housing estates are equipped with facilities for residents, such as a coolomat and a solar bench, which allows for charging laptops or phones, which are located next to the Holm House 1 building, or the residents’ zone in the Mickiewicza Estate. We install air quality sensors, plant plants attracting birds and insects, and we built Jasminowy Mokotow Housing Estate using green energy.

Around our investments we build bicycle paths, which we include in the network of already existing roads. Bicycle repair stations and EV chargers are also standard. These are located, among others, in the garages in the Holm House housing estate and near the Scandinavian Park. Already at the planning stage of our investments we determine the appropriate number of parking spaces with the possibility of installing electric car chargers.

The innovations also concern solutions implemented directly in the apartments. For our cooperation with Danfoss Poland to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings, which resulted in the introduction of the Danfoss Smart Heating system, we were awarded in the contest of Policy’s CSR Lists.

We are intensively working on the implementation of residential automation in our investments, including the function of prediction of electricity and heating consumption. In addition, some of our investments are equipped with anti-smog and anti-allergenic diffusers, which are an effective barrier against health hazardous dust particles of PM10 and PM2.5 types and ensure proper air circulation in the apartment.

In addition, in the vicinity of the Jasminowy Mokotow housing estate, we have built the Enklawa Park with an area of 8,500 square metres, which will eventually be delivered to the city. In turn, in the Mickiewicza Housing Estate we have arranged a zone of Öppen residents. It is a place for neighbourly integration, where you can have a coffee or watch a movie together, and in the next stage we will also create a park for the residents at this estate.

Zbigniew Juroszek, President of Atal

An example of an investment whose concept is a response to the needs of the most demanding customers is Atal Baltica Towers. The unique combination of amenities on the site, such as a tennis court, public viewing terraces on the top floors, lobby with reception, gym and relaxation area with saunas, create a unique atmosphere for spending free time. In many of our investments we offer an extensive recreational space. In Sokolska 30 Towers, buyers will have access to a toddler’s club, gym and sauna, and in Modern Tower a fitness club with a gym and viewing terraces is being built.

Intuitive and energy-saving lighting systems are just one example of energy-saving and ecological solutions used in our investments. In addition, we equip the housing estates with solutions that will facilitate pro-ecological behaviour of future residents. An example is the electric car charging stations placed in selected investments near parking spaces. Among the facilities desired by our customers there are also modern security features allowing to increase safety, that is why in many investments we decide, among others, to install 24-hour monitoring.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Home Invest

In new investments we plan to introduce smart home programs in apartments and intelligent systems for buildings. We are in talks with suppliers of such solutions. We are also considering installation of parcel machines and electric car charging stations for selected projects.

Wojciech Chotkowski, President of the Board of Aria Development

We are one of the first developers in all investments to introduce a comprehensive programme of intelligent and energy-saving, and therefore ecological solutions. The first element of the package is the Aria Smart Home system introduced in cooperation with Fibaro. The system allows residents to control lighting, regulate temperature, manage the alarm system and other functions affecting the comfort of use of the apartment from any place on earth, from their smartphone or computer. The second link of the innovation program is the installation of photovoltaic panels on building roofs. Green electricity will reduce the cost of electricity consumption in common areas. The third solution is car electric chargers in every housing estate. All components of the package are available in the basic standard of our investments. Customers do not incur additional costs associated with their application.

Agnieszka Kozak, Board Agent for Sales in the Republika Wnetrz

As a developer we have been trying to build the image of modern Wrocław for years. Such a slogan and goal has been guiding us from the beginning of the company’s existence. In 2019, we prepared two new investments, completely different from those we have implemented so far. The first one is a luxurious Halo Apartment Building, which, apart from its excellent location in the very centre of Wroclaw, also provides numerous facilities for future residents, such as: concierge, video-intercom or electric vehicle charging stations in a two-storey underground car park.

The second one is the Wroclaw investment Soltysowicka 21C, addressed to people looking for apartments for rent. The building, in which 250 micro flats will be built, offers a self-service laundry room and a hall with a reception, and for motorists an underground garage.

Sebastian Barandziak, CEO of Dekpol Developer

We equip our investments with eHome Control system, which provides lighting and heating control. It is also possible to extend the package with remote access to the premises, installation of flood sensors in the kitchen and bathroom and intelligent control of electrical sockets. Recreation rooms are being built in Mloda Morena Park 2 and Osiedle Pastelowe. Verano Residence offers a Finnish sauna, solar system, remote access to the apartment and intelligent control of heating. The prestigious Sola Marina project will have its own yacht marina. In new projects we are considering the installation of an electric car charging station, design of recreation rooms, saunas and swimming pools.

Monika Perekitko, Board Member of Matexi Poland

We focus on the usability of solutions and comfort of our residents. We always try to adapt solutions to the location and possibilities of a given project. Recently, in the Apartamenty Rogalskiego investment in Krakow, we have implemented solutions combining ecology with economy, i.e. rainwater recovery. In this project for the first time we have also introduced the possibility of charging electric cars. In our premium investments we also implement intelligent apartment management systems. We also do not forget about such amenities as parcel machines, which will be in one of our projects in Bielany in Warsaw.

Zuzanna Nalezyta, Sales Director at Eco Classic

While preparing the projects of our investments we try to approach the whole project in an innovative way. In the recently completed Hubertus investment in Warsaw, despite the possibility of using much more intensive development, we decided to reduce the amount of the completed area of flats by resigning from some buildings or storeys. In this way, we wanted to preserve the unique character of the internal area created by common spaces and internal courtyards, which has become a green enclave adapted to the residents-friendly scale of building size in one of the busiest areas of the city. This was also made possible by the elimination of car traffic within the estate.

In our investment in the Wolne Miasto in Gdansk, car traffic was redirected from the railway to the outskirts of the estate, thanks to which the courtyards and the spaces between the buildings have a park character. On the plot on which we are developing the estate there used to be a fruit orchard, from which we have preserved as many trees as possible.

In the Warsaw investment Przy Arsenale there will be a water treatment plant, which will affect the quality of water from the premises as well as the life of household appliances. The applied electrical equipment enables the assembly of such elements as motion detectors, flush-mounted radios, USB chargers and temperature controllers. The videophone installation has an option to extend the function, e.g. by emergency notification of security. The building is being constructed in the city centre at Bankowy Square, so the whole window joinery is adjusted to the acoustic frame prepared especially for this investment. Also such solutions as ventilators usually installed in the windows we decided to install in the walls to increase the level of acoustic comfort in the interiors.

Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President of Ronson Development, Sales and Marketing Director

In our Warsaw project Nova Krolikarnia we offer our customers luxury houses with many amenities. As a standard, we offer a smart home system, thanks to which the equipment and other functions in the house can be controlled by means of smartphone applications.

In Nova Krolikarnia we also place great emphasis on a close relationship with nature and support pro-ecological attitudes. That is why homeowners will be able to use the electric car charging station.

One of the features that distinguish our housing estates is also the recreational offer for residents. We often plan investments in places located near green areas. We also take care to create in each of our housing estates the largest possible, full of vegetation recreational space. In such surroundings, we often place outdoor gyms, which will provide the residents with a dose of outdoor movement. Such gyms are built, among others, in Vitalia Residence in Wroclaw, Moje Miasto and Ursus Centralny in Warsaw.

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