What is the size of the largest developer apartments?

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In which housing estates will we find them? What kind of gardens and terraces do they have? How much do they cost? The survey was conducted by dompress.pl real estate service.

Paweł Ruszczak, acting president of Develia

Most of our projects have large apartments available, which is due to our willingness to offer our clients the widest possible offer. By the way, more large apartments are found in projects dedicated to the target residents, such as Między Parks in Wrocław, and less in projects where the buyers are mainly investment clients, such as Bastion Wałowa in Gdańsk. Depending on the investment, the largest apartments in our offer are up to 120 sqm. They often include a large garden or terrace. A good example are the previously mentioned projects – the housing estate between Parks in Wrocław and Ceglana Park in Katowice, where large apartments with an area of 110-120 sq. m with a 40-50 m terrace are available at a price of 830-850 thousand PLN.

Zbigniew Juroszek, President of Atal

Our Wrocław offer includes large apartments in the Atal Nowe Miasto Różanka investment. The largest unit of 112 sqm with a terrace of over 49 sqm costs PLN 1 148 425. In Wrocław, in the New City of Jagodno project, the largest units are over 100 square meters with terraces of a total area of 23 square meters. They can be bought for PLN 663,990. In Atal City Square, 131 sqm apartments with balconies of the total area of over 18 sqm are offered at the price of PLN 1 189 580.

In Warsaw, the largest apartment available is 130 square meters with a balcony of 26 square meters and is priced over 1,050,000 PLN. The largest apartment we have on sale in Tricity is a 100-square-meter apartment with two balconies of nearly 13 square meters in the Atal Bosmańska project for PLN 6,700 per square meter.

In Katowice’s Sokolska 30 Towers investment we have an apartment on the penultimate floor with an area of 124 sqm for 9,000 PLN/sqm. The biggest available apartment in Poznan can be found in the offer of Dmowskiego Apartments investment. It has almost 100 sqm. and it has a terrace of 75 sqm. The apartment is offered in the amount of 757 458 PLN.

In Lodz, it is a unit in the second stage of Nowe Miasto Polesie development with an area of over 105 sq. m together with a 33 sq. m terrace, which is available for purchase for 5700 PLN/sq. In Cracow it is an apartment in the Atal Residence Zabłocie III project with an area of 113 sq.m and balconies of 10 sq.m in total, to be bought for PLN 10,500 sq.m/month.

We are observing a trend of increasing demand for the largest apartments and apartments. Especially those units with spacious terraces quickly disappear from the offer.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Member of the Management Board and Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

In the prestigious investment Nowe Tysiąclecie estate in Katowice, whose construction will be completed in October this year, the largest unit is located on the 11th floor of the building. It offers a beautiful view of the city panorama. The apartment with an area of over 137 sq. m. with almost a hundred meters of terrace can be purchased for 1 120 193 PLN.

The largest available apartment in the Hanza Tower investment in the center of Szczecin is located on the penultimate 25th floor of the building and has an area of more than 221 sqm. It offers a panoramic, spectacular view of the west, north and east side of the city. The price of the apartment is 15 950 PLN per sqm, which gives a total of 3 525 747 PLN. On the last, 27th floor of the skyscraper there is a panoramic terrace. Completion of the building is scheduled for the end of December.

Joanna Chojecka, Sales and Marketing Director for Warsaw and Wroclaw in Robyg SA.

We offer the largest apartments in Warsaw’s Wilanów district. We sell 127 sq. m. of apartments with large terraces of 46 sq. m. There. The full package, with garages and a tenant’s cell, is available for about PLN 2 million.

Cezary Grabowski, Sales and Marketing Director at Bouygues Immobilier Polska

In the Wileńska Express investment in Warsaw’s Praga district we offer a premium apartment of 170 sqm with a terrace and balcony. In the Villa de Charme estate in Bemowo you can buy houses with underground garages and gardens of 162 sqm with a garden. In the Grochowska 230 investment in Praga we have a multi-room apartment of 116 sqm with a terrace.

In the Centreville project located on the Wroclaw’s Nadodrze district there is a luxury two-level apartment of 140 sq. m with three terraces facing different parts of the world, including one green one. In Poznań, in the Soleil de Malta project located right next to the cult Poznań Malta, we offer a 128 sq. m. unit with a garden.

Zuzanna Należyta, Sales Director at Eco Classic

In the Apartments at the Arsenal in the City Centre of Warsaw, the largest apartment we have on sale is 103 sqm and two terraces with a total area of 60 sqm. In the investment Moja Północna in Warsaw’s Tarchomin, the largest available apartment is 71 sqm and a balcony of nearly 8 sqm.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Home Invest

We are currently selling apartments in six investments in Warsaw. In each of them there are even larger apartments with large balconies or terraces, or gardens next to the first floor apartments. For example, in the finished investment Apartamenty Okopowa 59A in Wola, the largest apartments have an area of 110 sqm and 113 sqm. Their prices start from 12 210 PLN/sqm/month. In Targówek, on the other hand, the last large apartment with an area of over 99 sq. m can be bought in the amount of 905 thousand PLN.

Monika Perekitko, Board Member of Matexi Poland

The largest apartments we have on offer are available in the Na Bielany project in Warsaw. In this project, for example, a unit with an area of over 98 sq. m with two terraces of over 27 sq. m and 11 sq. m is on sale.

Emil Basta from the sales office of WPBM My Dom S.A. developer.

In WPBM Mój Dom S.A. we have an open pricing policy. The prices of all apartments are visible on our website. Our biggest apartments can be found in Drobner Boulevard. A unique, intimate investment with a view of Ostrów Tumski, University and Słodowa Island. There are apartments ranging from 135 sqm. to 306 sqm., even 7-room ones. They include extensive balconies and terraces, the largest of which is 60 square meters. We also have over 90-square-meter free apartments in Pixel House and Osiedle nad Odrą. The apartments have both a terrace and a balcony. In Rezydencja Staromiejska, located in the Old Town, there is also one apartment with an area of 93 meters available, with a spectacular, 140-meter terrace surrounding practically the whole place.

Agata Zambrzycka, Sales and Marketing Director at Aria Development

The largest units with an area of about 102 sqm remained only in the Łomianki housing estate. These are two-level apartments with mezzanines and terraces, whose prices vary from 499 thousand zlotys to 543 thousand zlotys. It is a cosy and ecological estate located 4 km from the Młociny metro station, near the Kampinos National Park, with ARIA Eco Smart solutions, intelligent installation control systems and green energy from photovoltaic panels. This is how the Łomianki Housing Estate can be characterized in a nutshell. In the New Natura II Housing Estate in Wieliszew, the largest apartments will have an area of 76 square meters.

Karolina Guzik, sales manager in Skanska housing company

The apartment with the largest area in our offer is located in the Jaśminowy Mokotów housing estate and measures 140 sqm. Jaśminowy Mokotów is an estate designed for timeless solutions, in close contact with nature, where architecture and greenery naturally complement each other. This created a safe and friendly space to live. Due to the extremely functional layout of the apartment and the quiet character of the estate it is an excellent option for families with children. We also offer apartments with their own garden.

Those looking for a large apartment will also find them in the Warsaw housing estates of Holm House (133 sqm) and Mickiewicza (116 sqm). Both apartments are located on the top floors of the buildings, and the element complementing the spacious, sunny spaces are large terraces, which can be used by tenants as a private garden in the city. Prices of the apartments are set individually depending on the chosen housing estate and are adjusted to current market factors.

Sebastian Barandziak, CEO of Dekpol Developer

We offer large apartments of over 100 square meters in two Gdańsk housing estates – Pastelowe and Foresta. All apartments have a garden, balcony or terrace. In the Pastelowe housing estate, located in Gdańsk Łostowice at Pastelowa Street, apartments of this size are available in the amount of about PLN 530 thousand. In turn, four-room apartments in the Foresta housing estate, located in Gdańsk at Myśliwska Street in the Piecki-Migowo district, also known as Morena, are on sale for 980.5 thousand PLN gross.

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