Wody Polskie: works in Pilica near Sulejów

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Nasze Gospodarstwo (organizational unit of Wody Polskie) begins comprehensive work aimed at restoring the permeability of the Pilica River. The effect of the activities will be an increase in river retention, which will directly translate into reducing the effects of drought and increasing the level of flood protection in the vicinity of Sulejów.

The improvement and stabilization of the Pilica river in the vicinity of Sulejów will cost almost PLN 38m. The contractor for the works is Inmel, the works will start in December this year and completion is scheduled for November 2021.

The performed works will allow to avoid the formation of blockages in the winter, and thus will have a positive effect on ice flow. As part of the task, sediment will be removed mechanically on the almost 7-kilometer long section of the river with its two 700 m and 710 m long branches. In total, approximately 220,000 m³ of spoil is to be extracted. The works will be carried out while maintaining a naturally meandering bed, within the existing shoreline, without any interference with the river route. The natural slope will also be preserved. After the removal of blockages, silt and rubble, renovation of the bank reinforcements (fascine-stone edge bands) is planned. Total cost of the task: PLN 38 million.

Source: Wody Polskie

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